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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

one more grumpy post to get it out of my system

Last few minutes of lunch. I didn't shop. I read this great Francine Rivers book I've been working on for the past two weeks
I got a hot apple cider from Starbucks (thank you again, Linda!)
I needed a break.
I can't understand that comment on the last two entries... same comment... same illiterate, anonymous person...
I guess forgiveness comes easier to some than others.
Next Guy isn't going to ever be The Guy. But that doesn't mean I hate him or have banned him from my presence.
I guess it's easy to throw stones under the cloak of anonymity.
I never said I was perfect. I think the whole tone of my blog is being humble enough to admit my imperfections.
Let he who is without sin...
Or something like that.
I don't feel good physically but I've definitely decided to not stress over what does or doesn't get done.
I texted Austin and said, "no clean kitchen, no sausage balls".
He's home all day doing nothing but messing up the kitchen. Let him help.
It's raining.
I have a run in my stockings.
I'm out of mascara.
I keep forgetting to buy tape.
I still have a few gifts to buy.
I have to put together the ones I HAVE bought.
Jesus didn't come to earth to make us all miserable for a few weeks in December and to make us spend January trying to catch up our bills from the money we overspent in December.
It's not humbugs... it's just perspective.


Anonymous said...

For one, this comment...
Hey didnt you tell us there were a bunch of red flags with Next guy before he even bailed on you and now he shows up and your pretedding like the red flags werent there? It seems to me your doing what you said you didnt want to do and that was make a guy feel they can walk on you and you just let them right back in look at next guy he took a break from you without even telling you then he shows up and its ok with you and you wounder why men use you well dear you let them get a back bone! if I guy bails on you well then he is not interested but of course if your going to let him back in when he does that to you your the fool just saying!
is pathetic! Seems to me like a high school drop out is skimming blogs and trying to ruin your day with there "opinion". Also, besides the numerous spelling errors, everyone sees redflags with new relationships, there were a million and one with my current husband. However, time passed and some of the "redflags" turned, and were just things I was scared of and putting in my head making them appear.

Please, do not take this pathetic comment seriously! you are very bright and I love your writing. Sometimes, moms tell the truth and not just little white lies... You have to kiss a ton of frogs before you find your prince.

Keep your chin up!!

Becky said...

This isn't related to your blog post, but just wanted to tell you that if you have private time over the holidays and want something neat to watch, I highly recomment the 3 seasons of the Canadian tv series Slings and Arrows... some really great characters, all of whom work in a regional theater company. It's on Netflix and also (in chopped up segments) on YouTube. And Paul Gross... oh man. I'm crushing big time.

Becky said...

*recommend* (not recomment... LOL)