My People

My People
My People - Cosette, Austin, Oliver, Cody, me & Ryan. Just think, had I not lived, these people wouldn't be on the planet. They are my whole heart!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

the fortune cookie was empty

Lots of news from the nest this morning:
we're out of paper towels and coffee
Austin voluntarily cleaned out the living room closet yesterday.
we had chinese takeout for dinner - i had pot stickers and austin had beef fried rice
i went to bed early...
pain level today is high
my faux niece Stasha got engaged yesterday
i think Arnold Swarzen-however you spell it - is pond scum
i have a doctors appointment this afternoon to see if my blood pressure is better
and the whole tachycardia thing - got to check on that
a gay guy dumped glitter on Newt Gingrich and that makes me giggle
glitter makes everything better
my laptop cord is going wonky and if it goes out on me, i won't be able to get another until we get child support or until the next payday... bills are paid right now, though, so that's a blessing
austin left my fortune cookie on my laptop since i forgot to eat it last night
it was empty, i kid you not!
what does it mean when you have no fortune?
makes me wonder...
i'm tired already today
there's a lady gaga promotion going on in farmville. i'm playing along but i don't like it.
she disturbs me
i can't remember if i washed my hair yesterday
the neighbor has bumped our shared wall three times since 4am
must be having a bad dream
i woke up at midnight... was wide awake for an hour... then went back to sleep
i missed idol last night
it's thankful Thursday and I am.
and that's about all for now.
love and hugs, y'all.