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My People
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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

newsday tuesday... better late than never

This has been, so far, a very unproductive week. Just when I think I'm settling into status quo and learning to live with the back pain... it decides to change on me. It's different... it's a more intense, more debilitating pain and I've been unable to do much of anything over the past three days.

I'm bummed out. No way to sugar coat it. The old pain was something that I could sort of arrange myself around and get relief if I was just in the right position... it hurt to sit in the same position for any length of time... but I could get relief. This new pain... no relief.

And I'm exhausted. My mother left a comment some time ago about fibromyalgia. Then the pain doctor mentioned it. I'm very afraid this may be the case simply because of the overwhelming exhaustion I've had over the past week or two. Never felt anything like this before...

So that's the news from the nest... in other news, my opinions on current events:
1. Dear Pakistan, you harbored a murderer... your handouts are over.
2. For that matter, rather than disappearing into deeper and deeper debt... let's end all handouts to foreign countries, U.S. companies, random incentives to people to do things like buy more ecologically friendly stuff.
3. Stop over-taxing the wealthy. They are the people who put other people to work. Institute a consumption tax so that each is taxed according to their spending habits.
4. Two new must see photos on the internet: one is rather gory, one of the guys in the raid with Osama Bin Laden who has a green plastic squirt gun underneath him in the photo. Second, if you google "grumpy flower girl" you'll find hundreds of pictures of the rather... um... homely little child with her hands over her ears from the Royal Wedding photoshopped into all kinds of other pictures. It's rather funny.
5. Did you know that Flo, the spokeswoman for *that other auto insurance company* was once a porn star? I'm jes' sayin'...
6. Helpful hint to Farmville players: if you "use" a bushel of the crop you are harvesting, it will double your mastery points and you will get your mastery sign quicker. If no one has a bushel of that crop offered, harvest until you get one yourself and then use it. It takes a minute to switch back and forth but it's worth it.

Back to the nest... I'm thinking of getting a small - very small - dog - who could be crate trained during the day. I think it would help me to have to get out and walk the dog ... I think it would be a good companion and... I don't know... I've never been a dog person but I so dearly loved Bitty and his companionship so much, I think I could really enjoy a dog.

I'm watching the jury selection for the Casey Anthony trial. It's rather funny listening to all these people giving reasons why they can't serve. The judge is a bit cross-eyed... not making fun... but he does look pretty odd.

Ok... so that's it for the day. Pray that I'm able to be back up and at 'em tomorrow. Love and hugs, y'all.


Red*Hot@52! said...

so sorry about the change in your pain, that really stinks!

and I had nooooo idea about Flo! that is too funny!

The Fat Chick said...

A few entries back, you stated that you were just going to accept your pain and…your “new normal,” your “cross to bear.” In my humble opinion, you should never accept something abnormal as normal. Keep fighting to change it. Perhaps with prayer, perhaps with the right doctor…but don’t give up. Could be that accepting it just makes it worse. There is an answer out there for you. If you give up, you won’t find it.

Poor Flo. She was hoping to rise above her past mistakes….