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My People
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Saturday, May 14, 2011

ho hum saturday

Happy Weekend... haven't had anything particularly blogworthy to write about over the past few days. So much of the same old same old... but there are a few new things...

we have ants. every time I see one my skin begins to crawl and I have imaginary ants on me for hours.

there was a spider in my office yesterday. Duane wasn't there and Kevin was with a customer... so I trapped it under a vase until a brave customer volunteered to kill it for me.

obviously, I have issues with bugs.

Austin was in the local newspaper for his participation in the National Day of Prayer event. I'll scan it in and post it on Monday. I told him that I figured if he ever got in the newspaper it would be a report of some law he had broken or some "really bad idea" he had gotten. Nope... he's got his sweet little head bowed in prayer. Gotta love it.

My pain has gotten worse... I'm completely exhausted... I've been sleeping as much as possible and have lost my appetite. So... physically, I'm falling apart. I've had several episodes of the tachycardia along with dizziness so I'll be calling the doctor on Monday about that.

Mentally, emotionally, spiritually... I'm feeling fine. Austin has been very cooperative and that helps. He's doing really poorly in school but ... he has to live with the consequences for his lack of initiative in school. If that means it takes him longer to graduate... so be it. I keep reminding myself that he's very close to being a legal adult and I can no longer try to shield him from himself. He'll find his way. He's got a huge heart and he's smarter than he lets on. He has really stepped up at home, though, and really seems to understand how important it is for him to do as much of the housework as he can so that I am able to work. Most of the mess is his anyways...

Anyways... so that's my ho-hum Saturday. Didn't want anyone to worry... I'm fine... just... well, the same.

Love and hugs, y'all.


Red*Hot@52! said...

I'm really glad to hear that your son is stepping up to help you around the house. I hope that he gets serious about school before it hurts him too much and he gets too far behind.

Sorry your pain is getting worse, I hope you can get some rest this weekend and will get some relief. Take care....

monique said...

I'm kind of worried about you and your pain. I would say it is NOT related to FMS. But something just is not right. I wish you could get a doctor to take this more serious than they are.
Thinking of you-