My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The birdie is back in the nest

My Doodle Bug is back home in the nest and although he's sick... apparently I'm sicker because he keeps asking if there's anything I need. Ack. I actually feel better, I just don't sound better. Poor Boo-Boo and Sara having to drive back to PA today with the ickies. I gave them a box of tissues. God love 'em. They are such a sweet, sweet couple. I hope she's a keeper.

Austin had a great time with his brothers this weekend. His dad and dad's new girlfriend (who is an old friend of mine from way back) had them over for dinner Saturday night. I asked, "what did you eat?" "chicken something" "was it chicken and pasta?" "no. it's hard to explain". I'm eager to find out what the mysterious winner, winner chicken dinner was. It's awkward for the boys (and me) because we all loved dad's prior girlfriend and they were together for years... she was always good to my kids. New girlfriend was not only a childhood friend of mine but her dad and my dad have been good friends for thirty years... and my brother actually performed the wedding ceremony for her second wedding (my brother's first that he preached). So there is a lot of family history. My perspective has always been: treat my kids good and we'll get along just fine.   Old girlfriend came to graduation which was sweet (to us) and aggravating (to their dad). New girlfriend is a sweetheart and I'm perfectly content with her being in my boys' lives.

Sunday afternoon Marquee's family invited Ryan, Sara and Austin to their weekly extended family dinner. Austin loved it, loved the food and really liked "the beans"... "how were they cooked?" "I don't know. beans." And there was jello cake too, which he really loved and he said Quee's mom made sure he ate some. I love how my daughter in laws family has embraced all of my boys. It's sort of like the relationship I've been fortunate enough to have with my sister-in-law's family - they're family to me.

Isn't it true that we tend to form our judgment of people based on how they treat your kids? My kids aren't always angels but they're reasonably entertaining fellows and I can certainly see why people would want to enjoy their company! And anyone who doesn't enjoy their company doesn't know good when they see it, right?

Austin also got to spend time over the weekend with the "fourth brother" - Joshy. He came over Saturday night (and gave Austin a rather generous graduation gift which made Austin giggle when he told me about it).And at some point over the weekend they went to the nature preserve where I used to walk on lunch every day (back when I could walk more than a few steps at a time) and fed the ducks. Austin was amused with the mother goose's reaction when they got too close to her babies. I know how she feels. And I love the thought of my three grown boys going to feed the ducks.

Anyways. We're heading into town to get some prescriptions filled and buy a few groceries. I didn't try to get a doctors appointment today but if this cough is still this bad tomorrow I'm going to go in and ask them to put me out of my misery. I can't stand it. I had a few episodes last night where I contemplated the whole 9-1-1 perspective. How out of breath should I be before I call? I'm less worried since Austin's home.

So that's the news for today! Hope you're having a great Tuesday!