My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Thursday, May 31, 2012

thankful Thursday -zipp-iti-doodah

I've got my peaceful easy feeling going on... you know, the lovely ambien/atenolol/prevasat/amlodipine/steroid/flexiril/neurontin/phenergan/codeine cough syup and whatever else is on board at the moment feeling of ease.

The cough is a thousand percent better. I'm breathing better. The wheeze sounds like a small kitten instead of an old front porch swing. I'm not having that gurgling sound in the base of my throat any more. I'm not gasping for air. I'm feeling the ugliness of the pharmaceutical stew that I'm brewing in right now... for realz... I'm Cheech and Chong numb. But I have great hopes that this thing will be over in a matter of days instead of weeks. I have hope!

And Austin is home and fairly copacetic and has forgiven me for blogging about his indiscretions last week.
And Ryan posted the sweetest video of Sara swinging while her great big ball of fluff standard poodle chases her.
And I've almost convinced myself that I can drive a u-haul truck between here and the storage place. I'm big on doing things myself. (although I will not turn away any able bodied folks who want to help).
I'm not as convinced about driving the u-haul truck through Atlanta to take down the few big items that need to go there/to make it all in one trip/to take anything mama wants to stick into storage to declutter their castle.
A former State Farm team member has announced that she is opening her own agency and I'm so very proud of her! She'll be awesome.
I'm praying that there will be no ugliness involved in transferring my sales agreement, assuming I have an agency to transfer it to. My friend Amy had a real struggle with this and... I'm praying that Gods promise to me will hold true, that no weapon formed against me will prosper... but right now, I feel like we're on the right track even though the scenery hasn't changed much, yet.

There are still good times to be had! I'm counting on my southside friends to welcome me with open arms and to help me celebrate my independent adulthood appropriately. I'm counting on finding Austin a job that he will be excited about. I'm excited about seeing my Cody and Quee more than once every couple of months and I'm banking on an invite to Sunday dinner with her grandmother. I'm hoping to see Bear. It's been two years.

What I want is my little cabin in the woods and a job that will allow me the right salary that will allow me to work the kind of hours that my back can sustain and ... well, that's not gonna happen... so I'm just thankful for the right kind of job (lord willing) with the right number of hours... with the right amount of responsibility that will allow me to be around people I love, have the respect that comes from gainful employment but not PAINful employment.

Nothing but sunshine comin' my way... zippedeedoodah! Nothing but sunshine and a very fluffy cat running circles around my keyboard. Nite y'all!