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My People
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Friday, May 11, 2012

taking the family tree back as far as it will go...

I wrote a post yesterday that was anything but "thankful" .... I didn't like the way I sounded so I deleted it and decided to wait for a new attitude. This morning... it's better. I've just had a lot, lot, lot of pain over the past week or so and it's a new kind of pain that I suspect is related to the "f word" (fibromyalgia) because it is an all over pain that is absolutely unreal. The kind of sharp pain that makes you wince - you know how you pull away when you get a sudden pain? Like that. Only you can't pull away from it. And it's no fun and hits me in weird places - like my forearm -which makes me no fun. But anyways... today is better.

I wanted to post one of the "branches" on the family tree that I had found the other day. It may read like the "begats" of the Bible but I find it fascinating and I hope you will too. It takes the family tree back about as far as it can go!

Again, we're working up the Pennington/Clow/Palmer tree...

my mom was born Norma Ray Pennington in 1948
her father was C.B. Pennington, born 1908
his mother was Alice Clow, born 1882
her father was Ezra Clow, born 1840
his father was Abraham Clow, born 1820 in Ontario, Canada
his mother was Hannah Palmer, born 1791 in Dutchess, New York
her father was Isaac Palmer, born 1763 in Dutchess, New York
his father was Abraham Palmer, born 1725 in Greenwich, Connecticut
his father was William Palmer, born 1694 in Hartford, Connecticut
his father was William Palmer, born 1654 in Newton, NY
his father was William Palmer, born 1616 in Parham, Somerset, England
his father was William Palmer, born 1587 in Parham, Somerset, England
his father was John Palmer, born 1544 in Parham (Partham?) Somerset, England
his mother was Catherine Stradling, born 1512 in St. Donats, Somerset, England 
   ***this takes us back to St. Donats Castle that I mentioned the other day. this is my 12x great
her father was Edward Stradling, born 1475, St Donats Castle 
   ***this is my 13x great-grandfather and also the 13x great grand of Princess Diana! Or, as I like to call her, "Cuzzin Di" and this makes Prince William my 14th cousin, once removed. Wonder why I didn't make the guest list for the wedding? Hmmm... anyways...
his father was Thomas Stradling, born 1454, Cardiff, Wales
his mother was Elizabeth Herbert, born 1425, Rhaglan Castle, Wales 
   ***she was also known as Elsbeth Herbert or Elizabeth verch William
her mother was Gwladus verch Dafydd, born 1395 in Breconshire, Wales
her father was Dafydd Gam Ap Llewelyn
    ***unsure of exactly when he was born, I've seen three different dates, if you click the link for this guy there is a fabulous write up in Wikipedia. I've learned that "ap" is Welsh for "son of" and "verch" means "daughter of". So this guy was David, son of Llewelyn, my 17th great-grandfather
his father was Llywelyn Ap Hywel Fychan, born 1332, Monmouthshire, England
his father was Hywel Vychan ap Hywel, born around 1300 in Monmouthshire, England
his father was Hywel ap Einion Sais, born 1272, in Monmouth, England
his father was Einion ap Rhys, born 1240 in Wales
his MOTHER was Catrine verch Gruffudd Gwyer, born 1222 in Wales
   ***if you have lost count, this is my 22x great-grandmother
her father was Gruffudd Ap Cydifer, born 1194, Breconshire, Wales
his father was Cydifer ap Gwgon, born 1121, reported as Glyntawe, Brecknockshire, Wales
   ***the date looks odd here as he would have been 73 when he fathered Guffudd, I have found other places that report his date of birth as 1160 but we're so far back here, I can't be certain
his father was Gwrgan Ap Bleddyn, 
his father was ?? ap Maenyrch
his father was ?? ap Dryffin
his MOTHER was Crisli verch Iago, born 973, Aberffro, Malltraeth, Anglesy, Wales
her father was Iago ap Idwal, King of Gwynedd
his father was Idwal ap Meurig
his father was Meurig ap Idwal, born around 917 (perhaps)
his father was Idwal ap Anarawd aka the "Bald Prince of Gwynedd", born around 883
his father was Anarawd ap Rhodri, born around 850
his father was Rhodri "The Great" ap Merfyn, the 1st King of United Wales, born around 820
   ***my 34x great grandfather!
his father was Merfyn ap Gwriad aka Merfyn Frych, "the Freckled King of Gwynedd", reportedly born around 759
his father was Gwriad ap Elidir
his father was Elidir ap Sandde, King of South Rheged
his father was Sandee ap Alewn
his father was Alewn ap Tegid
his father was Tegid ap Gwair, born around 625
his father was Gwair ap Dwywg
his father was Dwywg ap Llywarch born around 560
his father was Llywarch ap Calchyndd
his father was Calchyndd ap Enir Fardd
his father was Enir Farrd ap Ithel
his father was Ithel ap Llarian
his father was Llarian ap Teuged
his father was Teuged ap Llyfeinydd
his father was Llyfeinydd ap Perdur
his father was Perdur ap Gwyrydd
his father was Gwyrydd ap Ithon
  ***if you're still with me... this is my 51x great grandfather
his father was Ithon ap Camber, listed as "King in Britain"
his father was Camber (1st King) of Cambria and Cornwall, aka Cymryw ap Brwt
his father was Brutus (Brwt) the "Dardanian" of the Britons aka Britto, who accidentally killed his father
his father was Silvius (Hisicion) d'Italia
his father was Iulus Ascanius (founder and  1st king) of Alba Longa
his father was Aeneas the Dardanian of Latinum
his father was Anchises the Dardanian
his father was Capys the Dardanian
his father was Assaracus the Dardanian
his father was Trois of Acadia, King of Troy
his father was Erichthonius of Acadia
his father was Dardanus, of Acadia
his father was Zerah ibn Judah, born abt 1751 BC
   ***listed as twin of Perez, my 64x great grandfather, ibn would be "son of"
his father was Judah, ibn Jacob, born Palestine 1805 bc, King of Goshen
his father was Jacob ibn Isaac, born around 1892 BC
  ***do you realize we're in the Bible now?
his father was Isaac ibn Abraham
his father was Abraham, of Genesis
   ***I've always said there had to be a Jewish lineage for us since we're so good at guilt!
Abraham is listed as: Patriarch of the Old Testament; aka Abram ben TERAH; `Father of Exaltation'; aka Abraham ibn AZAR, 2nd Ulul Azmi of ISLAM; 5th Prophet of the Seal; poss. aka Ibiranu III (King) of UGARIT; poss. 1st astronomer
his father was Terah, of Agade
his father was Nahor ben Serug, born abt 2151 bc
his father was Serug ben Ragau 
   ***again, we have a variation of "son of" - ben
his father was Ragau of Lagash
his father was Pelag ben Eber
his father was Eber ibn Shelah, aka Heber of Chaldea
his father was Shelah ben of Chaldea
his father was Cainain the Semite
his father was Arphaxad of Arrapachtis
his father was Shem, son of Noah 
   ***yes, THE Noah! 
his father was Noah, 
his father was Laamech
his father was Methusaleh
his father was Enoch
his father was Jared
his father was Mahalalel
his father was Cainan
his father was Enosh
his father was Seth
his father was Adam, 
   ***my 88x great grandfather, and probably your ancestor too! Which makes us all, ultimately, cousins!
and his father... his Creator... was God. 

The bulk of this research came from the website - I've also used information from and 

This has taken me about three hours to type up! Hope y'all have a fabulous Friday and an awesome weekend!