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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Weekend in Pictures

Y'all. I am wiped out. I should probably have something really profound and insightful to say but I'm too tired for real, organized thoughts. So this is my weekend in pictures... although these first two pictures happened last weekend at Truett McConnell College's graduation. I think my sister-in-law, the esteemed Dr. Angie Gant, always looks really cool AND smart AND like she's right out of the Middle Ages in her Doctorate Professor-y Robes...

And then our sweet Jessie (not Jessica) who has been such a huge part of our lives, receiving her diploma from the (also esteemed) Dr. Emir Caner, makes me super proud. She may be the most highly educated cashier at the Cornelia Wal-Mart but soon, people, she will conquer the world!

Today at church we had our Graduation Appreciation/Recognition stuff. We had breakfast at church. I was off my rocker and roused Austin up and out at 7:15am. The breakfast was at 8:30. I - for reasons I can't begin to explain - thought it was an hour later than it was. So we went back home, he went back to sleep and I spent an hour thinking that the stress of the past week/month/year had finally REALLY caught up with me! Mercy! However, when we did finally arrive at church, I got to spend some quality time with my dear friend Alisa who understands me in a way that only another "only girl out of five kids" can understand. We had breakfast and then went to Sunday School and then they had a little recognition service during the Worship Service. This is Jamie high fiving her Cousin Auggie. 

There is much love! And does anybody else think she looks like Scout in the To Kill A Mockingbird movie, the one with Gregory Peck?

And this sleepy eyed angel is my little Sarabeth, a little tired from spending the night with some friends last night. They braided her hair so she had the cool little crimps in her hair today. And she sat by me in church, which makes her my hero.

It's really hard to get good photos with my little digi-cam in church because my flash doesn't reach far... but you can tell that this adorable boy in saggy jeans and flipflops is my Austin, being recognized by his Youth Pastor, Jamie Smith, with Jamie's lovely wife, Laura and daughter Emily assisting with the dispersement of gifts. 

And you can sorta, almost, right behind Emily's head, see my brother Jim up in the choir loft. He preached today and did a fine job and didn't once call down hellfire and brimstone on his wayward sister.

They showed a little slideshow of the graduates before this part and I completely LOST IT! I sobbed big ole hiccuppy sobs... and Sarabeth was kind enough not to stare at me or get scared and move away. Just watching the progression from cute little kid with chocolate all over his face to grown person... wow. 

Right to the left of Austin in the green dress is my friend Cyndi's daughter Jazminne, who I adore.
And beside Jaz is JoLee who shares my love for musical theatre.

On the other side of Austin is Haili, my friend Alisa's daughter. 
Haili shares that same wit that her mother has (from being the only girl with four brothers, just like me) (although Haili only has one brother) and so I can pick on Haili the same way I pick on Alisa and vice versa.

So that was a great, emotional experience. Also, some time this morning, during the mistaken 1st run to the church, when I was coming back into the house our storm door scraped up the back of my heel and so I'm crazy sore from that, in addition to the unbelievable pain from sitting for three + hours this morning (although it was so very, very worth it).

Yesterday was Stasha's wedding. I thought the wedding was at 6pm. For some reason, about 1:30, I looked at the invitation and realized the wedding was ACTUALLY at 2pm. On the other side of Helen, at Unicoi Lodge. On a weekend when the auto show was in town. AND... I had not showered. But we dressed and dashed and the ceremony had not started when we arrived, very breathless, about ten minutes late. We were able to grab a quick picture with the bride....

And with the flower girls....

AND in time to grab at seat with Jim and Angie at the back of the ballroom.

This picture is of the girls- lined up and ready to go - with Miss Cassie (our neighbor) and her sweet son Josiah, who was the ring bearer

I love that they look so confident. This was their seventh wedding as flower girls.

And Josiah was also very confident!

The ceremony was super brief (which my back appreciated). Here is the post game recap.

And... two really gorgeous Gant Girls....

Make that THREE really gorgeous Gant Girls!

And an Aunt who needed more time in hair and makeup....

I can never get enough pictures of Jamie. She is our little cartoon girl... so animated and adorable!

notice how delicately she handles her punch cup?

Angie and the bride....

Natalie and Josiah dancing at the reception. Josiah was quite the little dancer... 

Austin adds "accessories" to my picture with Sarabeth...

Now for the week ahead... Austin has two half days at school, one day of exams, a day of graduation rehearsal and ... graduation. 
Lord, give me strength!



The last pic probably sums up the weekend.