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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Will of Thomas Maddux

My dad is James Gant Sr aka Pop
His mother is Leta Ward Gant Harris
Her mother was Sarah Jane Bullock(Bulloch) Ward
and oddly, this is the only great-grandparent I have any memory of - and as I've mentioned my memory of her is more anecdotal than anything else. She died when I was seven. However, despite this being the only great-grandparent I had much contact with, and despite the fact that her daughter (my Steel Magnolia) is my only surviving grandparent, I know very little about her. For my research project today, I took what I knew for certain, her last known address, and I searched Census records to find out what I could about her family. 
I found the 1900 census record  listing Great-Grandma Ward as a 16 year old girl. She is listed in a household with E. M. Bulloch as the head of household. E. M. Bulloch is listed as a widow, born in 1849. Also listed in the household is S. E. Maddux, mother, born in 1826. Therefore, I concluded that E. M. Bulloch's maiden name was Maddux. From there I sort of connected the dots.
**sidenote** I'd like to go back to these census workers who listed people's initials instead of first names and snatch them baldheaded. It's hard enough to read the crazy flowery cursive writing without having to search all over the place to figure out what those initials stood for.
This 1900 Census was from Buena Vista, Georgia, where I know that my great-grandmother was born.  I haven't checked with my dad to see if these names are familiar to him and if I connected the wrong dots then this is just a great example of life in the South before the Civil War. Tragically and sadly (to me) these ancestors were landowners and, as typical to the Antebellum South, they were also slave owners. Even in the 1900 Census there is a 9 year old black boy whose relationship to the head of household is listed as "servant". To imagine a child of Sarabeth's age as a servant - it's inconceivable to me. Anyways...
So my great-grandmother, Sarah Jane Bulloch Ward's mother was Estell Maddux
Estell's father was David Neal Maddux (listed in the 1860 census as "High Sheriff" of Marion County, Georgia)
His father was Thomas Maddux (my great-great-great-great grandfather) and this is his Last Will and Testament.
WILL: Will of Thomas Maddux; Warren Co GA Will Bk;1829-1852;p. 185

The Last Will & Testament of Thos. Maddux
State of Georgia Warren County.
In the name of God Amen. 

I Thomas Maddux of the County and State aforesaid being in good health and of sound and disposing mind and memory, knowing the uncertainty of life and the certainty of death and wishing to dispose of the goods and chattles with which it has pleased God to bless me do make ordain constitute and appoint this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following to wit. 

1st I resign my soul to God who gave it and my body to the Earth in decent burial

2nd I give to my wife Mary Maddux four negroes to wit Isaac a man, George a boy, Louisa and her child Mariah also the land lying on the North side of the long branch commencing at Patrick N. Maddux line on the Shoal Road and running with the said Road to the long branch thence down said Branch to Rocky Comfort Creek thence up said Creek to Patrick N. Maddux corner thence along his line to the beginning except the lot or parcel of ground with the Improvements lately put up on said lot or parcel of ground lately mention or willed to my wife lying on the Shoals Road commencing at the gate on said Road. and running with said Road one hundred and fifty six feet south thence East two hundred and eighty feet thence North one hundred and fifty six feet thence West two hundred and Eighty feet to the beginning which said lot of ground and improvements I wish to be occupied jointly by my said wife and my daughter Joicy Wooding and at the death of my wife to be the property of Joicy Wooding as herein after mentioned, also two Cows and Calves one horse and Barough, one choice sow and pigs one plough stock and two spontoons one plough stock and two shovel plow hoes all in qood order also one years provisions for her family and stock, and all my household and Kitchen furniture all the above named property which I have will to my wife during her life Except the lot and Improvements above discribed containing about one acre more or less and whereon I Now live, I wish equally dividid Amongst my following named children to wit Patrick N. Maddux, Chapman F. Maddux, Lavinia Butt, David N. Maddux and Lucious W. Maddux, Except the household and Kitchen furniture which will be disposed of below.

3rd I Give to my daughter Joicy Wooding the following property during her life, not subject to any of her Contracts or debts to wit all my land lying on the west side of the Shoals Road commencing at Patrick N. Maddux line on said Road and running along said Road to Thomas Neals line thence along said Neals line to Patrick N. Maddux corner thence along Patrick N. Maddux line to the beginning containing one hundred and fifty acres more or less also one negro man named Abram and his wife dilsey and their two youngest children they may have living at my Death
one horse worth sixty or seventy dollars two plough stocks two shovels and two spontoons on set plough geer two cows and Calves one sow and pigs Eight head of Geese, and one years provisions for her family and stock, such as they- are accostomed to; to wit- Corn fodder and meat, one hundred pounds Sugar, Fifty pounds Coffee, two barrels flour, ten bushels seed Oats and five bushels seed wheat and one yoke of oxen and Cart also that lot or parcel of ground whereon I now live containing one acre more or less with all the improvements thereon after the death of my wife, I give also to daughter Joicy Wooding all the household and Kitchen furniture which she has onhand, all the above named property- given to Joicy Wooding at her death I do hereby give in equal distribution to the following named chilren, to wit,Thomas Wooding, Susan Margaret Wooding, Sarah A. Wooding, Martha Wooding, E1miria B. Wooding & Lucretia Edward Wooding.

4th All the balance of my- Estate which I may die possesed of consisting of either of land, Negroes, Horses, Cattle, Hogs, sheep, money, notes, & after my just debts are paid I wish equally- share and share alike between the following named children, To wit, after each one shall account for what they shall have received of me which will be found charged in a book kept by me, Patrick N. Maddux, Chapman F. Maddux, Lavinia Butt, David N. Maddux and Lucious W, Maddux.

5th It is my Will and desire that the property which Lavinia Butt may draw from or be entitled to from my Estate shall be divided one half to her Lavinia and the other half to be equally divided amongst her Children namely Edgar M. Butt, Victoria Butt, Phetitia Butt, Mary Butt, Martha Butt, William H. Butt, Thomas Butt.

6th There is some lands which I own and which I mention least my Executors might overlook or not know of to wit, One tract in Gwinnett County, one in Early County drawn by John Nash and one in Early County Drawn by Joicy Neal.
Seventh I nominate and appoint Patrick N. Maddux and Chapman F. Maddux Executors to this my last Will and Testament.
Signed sealed and published before us this the Eleventh day of December l84l.
Thomas Maddux (Seal)
Augustus Beall
Columbus C. Cody
Jesse M. Roberts JJC
Georgia Warren County, you Augustus Beall and Jesse M. Roberts do swear that you saw the ‘within named Thomas Maddux, sign, seal, publish and
declare this instrument of ‘writing to be and contain his last Will and Testament and at the time thereof he was in your opinion and belief of sound and disposing mind and memory and that he did it freely and without compulsion, and you do further swear that Columbus C. Cody whose name is signed to this will was a subscribing witness to the same with yourselves and that you all became subscribing witnesses to said will in the presence of said Testator & at his request and in the presence of each other to the best of your Knowledge, So help you God

Additional information on Thomas Maddux, taken from a personal history entered on
(Ca. 1775—18)48)
And some of his descendants
The birth year of our Thomas Maddux is an estimate, based on the average age of grooms at marriage. His birthplace, as listed by a son in the 1880 census, is Georgia. The author does not consider this to be conclusive proof . Family tradition has it that Thomas Maddux Came on horseback from Virginia, and was probably a son of one Thomas Maddux of Fauquier County, Virginia, home of many Maddux families. Thomas first appears in Warren County, Georgia when he is deeded 100 acres of land from Richard Beasley on 14 October 1799. This deed was witnessed by D.Neal and James McCormick. Thomas Maddux married Mary- (Polly) Neal on 10 February 1800 in Warren County.-
Mary Neal was born on 3 November 1782, probably in South Carolina. She was the oldest child of David Neal, Sr. and Joice McCormick. Her Paternal grandparents were Thomas Neal, Sr.and Susanna Harrell. Maternal grandparents were James McCormick and Mary Ann Fletcher. These were prominent citizens of the area.
Apparently, Thomas Maddux was a responsible man of some means, held in high esteem and trust by his in—laws. This is evidenced by the following legal actions.
In 1804, Jehu Neal, 13 year old orphan of Samuel Neal was bound to Thomas Maddux. This Jehu was Mary(Neal) Maddux’s double first cousin.
In December 1811 Thomas was appointed as an administrator of the estate of his father—in—law, David Neal, Sr., jointly with James Neal, oldest son of David. As administrator, Thomas Maddux paid for the coffin of David Neal Sr. in 1812. The estate was quite extensive, consisting of considerable acreage, pine lands, sawmills, grist mills, etc.
In June 1814, Thomas was appointed as an administrator of the estate of Jehu Neal, now deceased at the approximate age of 23. In November of the same year, Thomas was appointed as guardian of Stith and Thomas Hardaway,orphans of John Hardaway. The relationship of Thomas Maddux to Hardaway is undetermined.
In 1816 Thomas Maddux was appointed guardian to Samuel Neal, minor orphan of John Neal. This John is believed to be a younger brother of David Neal, Sr.  The extent of Thomas Maddux’s land holdings is revealed when he is taxed in Capt. Neals District, one poll, 13 slaves, and 400 acres in Warren County, on Rocky Comfort Greek, adjoining Neal, 1818.
Thomas Maddux made his will on 11 December 1841. It was proved on 4 Sep. l848. In this will he describes his home place as commencing at the gate on the Shoals road. The following children are named in this will, along with grandchildren:
Patrick N, Maddux, believed to be the oldest child, and already owning property bordering his father, No reference is made to Patrick having a family.
Chapman F. Maddux, b. about 1804, described later in this text, with no mention of a family in the will,
Joicy Maddux, who married Edward Wooding on 24 Sep 1829 in Columbia Co. Ga. Their children, as listed in the will: Thomas M. Wooding, Susan Margaret Wooding, Sarah A Wooding, Martha Wooding, Elmira B. Wooding and Lucretia Edward Wooding. Further information on this line is unknown,
Lavinia (Maddux) Butt, husband not named, and children, Edgar M., Victoria, Phetitia, Mary,Martha, William H. & Thomas Butt.
David Neal Maddux, b. 5 Feb. 1813, who, at the time of the writing of the will was unmarried, His line is covered later in this text,
Lucious W. Maddux, born about 1818, apparently the youngest living child. Another child, Lucretia, birth date unknown, who married Stokes Ivy, and moved to Marion Co, Georgia, is not mentioned in the will.
Mary (Neal) Maddux probably moved to Marion County, Georgia sometime following the death of her husband in 1848. She was not living in the household of either of her sons, Chapman, David, or Lucious, all of which are found in the 1850 census of Marion County, Georgia.

Mary  Neal Maddux is buried in the Methodist cemetery in Buena Vista, Georgia, date of death, 13 Nov. 1854. Next to her is buried Mary W. Butt, born  Warrenton, Ga. 31 Jan 1840, died 28 Jan. l854.  This Mary was the grandaughter named in Thomas Maddux’s will.  The grave of Thomas Maddux has not been located at this writing. More research is needed in Warren County.
I found Patrick N. Maddux, M. E. Clergyman, age 49, in the 1850 census of Warren County, Georgia, with wife Martha, and 9 children. Living next door is his mother, Mary, apparently widowed, and head of the household. Living with her is a daughter, Joice Wooding and her 6 children. I found him in the 1860 census of Pike County, Georgia, with wife, and seven children, listed as “M. E” and also as a farmer. He owned about 16 slaves.  He died near Zebulon, Georgia in 1870, and a son, Emory, Administrator of his estate, returned to Mississippi. Mrs. Estelle (Maddux) Trawick, a daughter of Emory Maddux, is said to have in her possession, the original last Will and testament of Thomas Maddux, her Great Grandfather.

Chapman F. Maddux is mentioned in the history of Marion County Georgia, as one of the veterans of the Creek Indian War that settled in Marion County after l836 (p 36) I tend to believe that he settled there after 1840, because he Is listed as a head of household in Warren County 1840 census. He is listed as a delegate to the gubernatorial convention in l849(from Tazewell District). In 1851 he was appointed as justice of the Inferior court.The 1850 census of Marion County lists House No. 516 , Chapman F. Maddux, 46, $3000 in real property, wife, Mary, 41, Children, Frances,17, John T, 15, Mary Ann, 12, Louisa A., 7, Elmira C., 3, and a female child, unnamed, age 6 months..
Chapman Maddux sells 8 lots in Buena Vista Georgia between January and July  . 1851. Was he preparing to leave? Then, in 4 Non 1894, a Chapman F. Maddux deeds  a lot in the 4th district. Chapman would have been about 90 years old at the time.
Yet, he is not listed in the l86O 1880 census of Marion Couny. His son, John T.Maddux is living with Lucious W. Maddux in l86O John T. Maddux 2/Lt. 15 Apr 1861, CSA, Capt. 28 Apr. 1862, Resigned 8 Oct. 1863.  I have not researched this line any further. Apparently, this family and their descendants moved away from Marion County, as they are not kmown to the descendants of David Neal Maddux.
(1813 – 1894)
David Neal Maddux was born on Feb. 1813 in Warren County Georgia. A son of
Thomas Maddux and Mary(Po]ly) Neal, he was named for his maternalgrandfather,
David Neal, Sr. It is believed that he removed from Warren County to Marion
County Georgia about 1845, along with a younger brother,.Lucious. Lots number  76 and 77 in Buena Vista, Georgia are deeded to David N. Maddux and Lucious W.
Maddux from Morris Fussell on 5 Dec 1845. Deed signed by C.F.Maddux, JJC,  who was an older brother. This deed is believed to be the original homestead of David Maddux.   David N. Maddiix married Sarah Glaze in Marion County Georgia on 25 Oct. 1846.  She was born 3 Aug. 1826 in Marion County Georgia, a daughter of John M. Glaze, Sr.
and Mary Ann Campbell. Sarah Elizabeth Glaze’s maternal grandparents were Archibald Campbell and Frances Askew who had come from Louisville, Jefferson County Georgia.

David N. Maddux was listed as a farmer with $3000 in real estate In the 1850 census, but in 1860 he is listed as “High Sherriff”, a position he held during and after the Civil War. .Family tradition says that David served as a Confederate Soldier, also, but I have not obtained a service record on him.  Following are the children of David N. and Sarah Maddux:

Mary Neal, b. 1847, Buena Vista, Ga., line untraced.
Estel]. M. , b. 1849,Buena Vista, GA  m. George Bullock
Georgia M. b. 1858  Buena Vista, GA  m. Ellis Ike Phelps
* Thomas Archibald Campbell, b. 17 Feb 1860, m. Margaret Roan Davis
R. Lee b. 1864, Buena Vista, GA ,  m. Bill Watts
William David b. 1865, Buena Vista, GA m. Hattie Bryant

David N. Maddux died in Buena Vista Georgia on 24 Oct. 1894 . His wife, Sarah, died on  4 Sep. 1905. They are buried in the Methodist Cemetery at Buena Vista.
An interesting action taken soon after David Maddux’s death sets one to wondering. Chapman F. Maddux deeded Lot 157, 4th Disrict to a John Benson on 4  Nov. 1894. In the 1860 census of Marion County a John Benson, age 22, is listed in the household of David N. Maddux, as an overseer. It is pure conjecture, but perhaps this deed was made in part of the settlement of David Maddux’s estate, by his brother, Chapman.

Lucious is believed to be the youngest of Thomas Maddux’s children. He was born about 1818 in Warren County. He first appears in Marion County in December l845  when he was listed as a grantee on a deed, jointly with his brother, David. They probably came to Marion County about the same time. Lucious is listed at house 708 in the l850 Marion County census, age 32, farmer, with $2000 in real estate, wife Mary, age 20, and son Patrick, age months. I can find no marriage record on Lucious Maddux in Marion County.The 1860 census lists : House #49l, L.W. Maddux,  Clerk, $500. real estate, $2000. personal property. Wife, Mary C., 31, Children: Patrick F., 10,Emma F., 9, Lucias C., 2 and Mary W, 6 months. Also, in this household are Edgar M. Butt, a nephew, listed as Lawyer, John T. Maddux, another nephew,listed as clerk. (Note: This was the oldest son of Chapman F. Maddux). Also listed was Alumon Hurtz, 18, Clerk, born in Germany. His relationship to the Maddux family, if any, is unknown. I have searched the 1870 census, but have not found Lucious W. Maddux . I found him in the 1880 census of Johnson Co, Texas, in another household, and listed as a widower.The last deed I find is from L.W. & Mary C. MaIdux to Davenporb in 3 Nov 1891. Descendants of this Maddux line are not known to our Maddux descendants.  Letter from Art Anderson states that Lucious Maddux married Maryann Comfort Brooks.
(1860 — 1910)
He was the fourth child born to David N. Maddux and Sarah E. Glaze, born in Marion County, Ga. 17 Feb. 1860. His maternal grandparents were John M. Glaze, Sr. and Mary Ann Campbell. His Great Grandfather was Archibald Campbell, for whom he was named.  Thomas A. C. Madduxmarried Margaret Roan Davis in October 1888 in Marion County, Ga.  Margaret was the second child of Johnathan Delephate Davis and Mary Jane Pearson. She was born 18 Nov. 1868 in Marion County, Georgia.  T.A.C. Maddux was a mail carrier in Buena Vista, Georgia. He died quite suddenly on 25 Apr. 1910, of a lung hemmorage, believed to have been caused by pneumonia.  Margaret Roan Maddux died 31 Mar. 1948,  at Richland, Georgia.

Davis Neal, b. 11 Aug 1890 m. O1ie Doster 1911, He d. May 1965.
Robert Lee, b. 18 Feb. 1892 in. Georgia Seigler . Deceased.

Thomas Clarence, b. 12 Sep. 1895 m. (l)Addie Heiner (2) Willie Mae Folsom. Living in Eufala, Ala. 1973.

Mary Elizabeth, b. 20 Sep. 1897 m. Chester A. Highnote 1 Dec. 1913.
Dorothy Estelle., b. 23 Nov 1899 in. Ed. F. Raiford 3 May 1969.

* Margaret, b. I. Oct 1903, m. Charles Sidney Jones, Sr. 8 Dec. 1923. Living in Sylvester, Ga. l93.

Billie Grace, b. 23 Oct. 1907 in. (1)Marion P. Clarke (2) Deforest A. Ratliff. Living in Atlanta, Ga.


Unbroken Sparrow said...

Hi, I am a direct descendant of Lucius W. Maddux and Mary Ann Comfort Brooks. Their son Patrick Fletcher is my GGGgrandfather. patrick Had a son - Restless James Maddux who was Married to Anna Belle Cole. They had a son Elmer Grover Maddux. His son Charles Elmer Maddux had a daughter Beverly Joy Maddux and this is my mother. My name is Melanie Joy Lewallen. Hope that helps. This is just my direct line and doesn't include brothers and sisters, etc...Although I can probably get you some of this info. My email is Hope this helps.

Nicole Walding said...

I am also from restless james maddux line my great grand father frank maddux was his son and franks daughter ruth is my grandmother

Nicole Walding said...

My great grandfather frank was their oldest son

Nicole Walding said...

Frank is my great grandfater and his daughter ruth is my grandma

Linda Lowther said...

I am a decendant of Martha Maddux, wife of Rev. Patrick Neal Maddux and daughter of Joshua Neville of Charleston,SC. I found that Patrick Neal died in Pike County, Ga. I would like to know if Martha died there also and where they might be buried. I have information that Joshua, Martha's father was buried where she was buried. I have not been able to find that information. Any insight you have I would be anxious to learn of it.

Linda Lowther

Linda Lowther said...

I am a decendant of Martha Maddux, wife of Rev. Patrick Neal Maddux and daughter of Joshua Neville of Charleston,SC. I found that Patrick Neal died in Pike County, Ga. I would like to know if Martha died there also and where they might be buried. I have information that Joshua, Martha's father was buried where she was buried. I have not been able to find that information. Any insight you have I would be anxious to learn of it.

Linda Lowther