My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Here's what I did today (warning - lots of out of focus cat pictures)

So... the hearing didn't happen like it was supposed to today because somebody (who apparently has too much time on her hands) has a really lousy cellphone (y'all think it's just my lame excuse for not answering the phone but it's really lousy) and it dropped the call about five minutes into the hearing. The explicit Department of Labor instructions in the 300 page (I exaggerate) booklet on "The Appeal Process" tell you that if your call is disconnected for any reason, the Dept of Labor will CALL YOU BACK. I spent about twenty panic stricken minutes driving frantically up and down Duncan Bridge Road trying to get a cellphone signal fearing that they wouldn't KNOW I wasn't on the line and would just not allow me to enter any testimony. Fortunately (unfortunately) the Dept of Labor DID call back but by then it was too late to begin the hearing again and it will have to be rescheduled. In the meantime... I will be upgrading my cellphone and/or making arrangements to handle the hearing via landline phone. 

The good news is I get a massive "do-over". The bad news is that it isn't over yet. Of course, even after the appeal there is the option of a tribunal and after that Supreme Court, or something similar. It could literally drag on for months. So all these unemployment checks that I haven't been depositing into my bank account to avoid having to scrounge for the funds to replace them if my case is overturned... they're going into my bank account. Screw it. I mean, something less offensive because I really don't talk like that. Except, I think after the past month/year I've had, I deserve a little unwholesome talk. Just this once. 

Meanwhile... please enjoy these photos of my only friend constant companion. They are horrible photos because, as I've previously mentioned, we don't get any direct sunlight and I don't turn on the lights unless I need them. BUT this has to be the cutest little ball of fluff in the world! some of the pictures you might notice that he's actually sitting in my lap while I'm on the laptop. Cuz that's just how we roll... (or sit like bumps on a log all the live-long day).