My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Saturday, May 26, 2012

We did it!

Yes, we survived! It was a little touch and go for awhile... I mean... preterm labor at 25 weeks, born at 38 weeks, being the third of three boys....

 with a mostly single mom... discovering his differences, learning how to help him learn "his way"... lots of moves, most of them during times of emotional distress... going from being the minority in school - to looking like everyone else in his class but still being very, very different... 
 finding his way in a very different world, with kids who have known each other in a small town, all of their lives... staying loyal with friends who faced challenges, making friends with friends who maybe weren't the best role models... and grieving friends who died too soon. (flowers placed in memory of Kegan)

 Austin, Jamie (who was very, very proud of her cousin!) and Cody

 Class of 2023

 Austin is the best cousin because he doesn't mind being attacked by silly girls... 

 (even though he was still not feeling great... he threw up all the way until right before they came out on the field and it was hot and muggy)

Sarabeth tries it on... 

 Class of 2021

 In the chaos... Ryan, Austin and me with Sarabeth and Jamie in the foreground

 me with my boys (plus little girls)

 me with my girls: Ryan's girlfriend Sara and Cody's wife Marquee (both of whom, if I can add, were prepared with water)

 Still in the chaos... but the girls look great

 Ryan, Austin and their dad (not sure why Jamie looks so shocked here... maybe because she hasn't seen Austin's dad before?) 

 And she's not giving him up easily!

 We did a poor job of assembling group photos... this is me, my dad, Cody, Sara and Marquee (with her back turned - how cute is her bag?) 

 More random group lurking and frolicking and sweating...

 my boys with their dad

 with the love of family, the support of a great faith community, and a few people in his life who were determined not to let him fail... it was a rough road from the beginning... and it was a rough road that last day... but... despite every obstacle in his way... 

 We did it!


Chick Insanity said...

That's a bunch of handsome men you have there :D Congrats to Austin!

monique said...

Congratulations to you both. He won't forget this hangover.
Nice pics of your family.
xo xo

Cindy said...

Stopping by from Kelly's Korner...nice post!