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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Monday, May 7, 2012

Reasons to Love Monday - the Begats

Monday, we meet again. Although you pretty much resemble every other day of the week right now... with one slight exception of having to wake the grumpy man child and send him off for his last few weeks of school. Years of working have conditioned me to not like you... but I try... every week... to find Reasons to Love Monday. Here goes!

  • I remembered to buy coffee yesterday. Muy bueno! 
  • I'm adapting to my new schedule and actually slept until 6am.
  • I have a nasty cough that has developed over the past few days. I don't have to worry about infecting anyone else but the casts.
  • I figured out how to order my prescription refills online. MUCH easier than trying to punch in all those numbers on my cellphone.
  • I got notice of the new hearing: next Monday, May 14th. I need to line up a land line to use for it. No more dropped calls!
  • I spent a long time tracing one branch of my family tree last night - it was ridiculous how far it went! A few ancestors were born in the Middle Ages in St. Donats Castle (which I read as "St. Doughnuts Castle) in Wales. I'll be doing a little research on that today. 
  • I think what interests me most about genealogy is not the begats or knowing how long my ancestors have been Americans but the individual stories that form our rich history. Those are my treasures. 
  • I also love finding out how many branches of the family tree came through the North... or Canada... I still maintain that I am a thoroughly Southern girl because there is without a doubt a branch that came through the Port of Savannah when Georgia was just a debtors colony... but it's interesting to see the various ways that my people came over.
  • There's a lot, a lot of Welsh and French and Irish. I think we're pretty much as WASP-y (White, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant) as you can get. 

Just a little research last night via the internet gave me this ancestry and I have to double check a lot of the dates because at some points we have 12 year olds fathering children and for some I don't have dates at all. Also, when you have a half dozen men of the same name, you want to make sure that the one you're following is your ancestor. 

My mother's father was C.B. Pennington
His mother was Alice Clow 
Her father was Ezra Clow  5/22/1840-10/18/1918
His father was Abraham Clow (and by this time we are in Canada)  2/10/1820-3/16/1896
His mother was Hannah Palmer  1791-1876
Her father was Isaac Palmer 1763-1832
His father was Abraham Palmer  1725-1785
His father was William Palmer 1694-1780
His father was William Palmer  1660-1738
His father was William Palmer 1590-1660
His father was William Palmer  1578-1628
His father was John Palmer 1545-1587
His mother was Catherine Stradling 1512-1583
Her father was Edward Stradling  1475-1535
His father was Thomas Stradling 1448-1480
His father was Henry Stradling 1425-1454
His father was Edward Stradling 1397-1451
His father was William Stradling 1365-1406
His father was Edward Stradling 1340-1368
His father was Edward Stradling (and those dates are not available)
His father was Peter Stradling 1285-1314
His father was John Stradling 1269-1321  born in Strattligen, Switzerland

There is a document that I found online about the History of the Stradlings of St. Donat's Castle and although it is not certain that the story is accurate, it's an interesting read. History of Stradlings of St. Donat's Castle . It would seem that our Edward Stradling is the one whose wife (Elizabeth Arundel) died young, perhaps as a result of childbirth because the research I found showed Elizabeth Arundel's date of death to be 1512, the same year as our ancestor Catherine was born. At any rate... I've spent about 12 hours out of the past twenty four chasing these "begats" and making charts in my handy-dandy genealogy notebook. It's fascinating and exhausting. Just chasing this one branch - through Alice Clow - there are so many Kings and Queens and nobility throughout Europe.

I feel like such a novice with this stuff... I'm sure there's a better way to compile data than writing it out in a little notebook but I've never really done research... so it's what I have to work with at the moment.

So anyways... that's my Monday. It seems like a weird time in my life to be devoting so much time to researching the past when I really need to figure out what the future holds. Or maybe it's the perfect time. I think in order to know where we're going, we have to think about where we've been. And in order to understand who we are, we have to know a little about our ancestors.

Hope Monday leads you on your own exciting journey... and that no matter what is going on in your life, that you'll find Reasons to Love Monday, too.