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My People
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Saturday, February 13, 2010

finally! got my snow!

I finally got my snow! We had a beautiful white blanket of snow that fell yesterday afternoon and evening. Nothing compared to the Snowpocoloypse depths... but enough to sufficiently cover everything. It's thawing... and then we're expecting another round over Sunday night. Once that thaws, I'm ready for spring. It's been fun... but I'm bored with it.

Because we had been told that our area would only get a "dusting"... I hadn't really prepared to be snowed in for the weekend. However... it is the last weekend before payday so we would have been living off the bounty of the pantry anyways... we'll survive. I've got an acorn squash baking, purple cabbage roasting and black beans in the crockpot. We've got frozen chicken breasts and turkey veggie meatloaf and - if worse came to worse - stuff to make pancakes. We could live another 3-4 days off the stuff we have in the pantry. I'm out of coffee creamer... but we have hot chocolate so I can always make a cappucino if it comes down to it.

I love nesting... I love not having to go anywhere. I love living off the bounty of the pantry and I thank God for how He has provided for us!

I haven't weighed today because I am still in my pjs. I'm glad that we're not snowed in with a bunch of junk food, though! Not one single sweet in the house. No risk of me derailing from my diet because there's nothing to indulge with. I've had to postpone my indulgence day... maybe I'll have some hot chocolate?

Anyways... not much else to share... just enjoying our snow!


Missie said...

If Georgia wants more, let me know. PA has enough to share. We can send trucks full! LOL


Charity said...

We are snowed in GA also. We are eating from the pantry, but unfortunately we only have junk food in the pantry, so the scales will not be kind after this. Good luck and stay warm, I am with you I am ready for spring.

Cha Cha

Anonymous said...

Be careful on suddenly icey roads. Enjoy you being positive in life. You are a blessing. Your compassion for others is quite evident. Please don't ever go back to the spurned woman that you sometimes unleash. Leave those stories for others to tell.
Julia Adams