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My People
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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

snow envy.

I think God is sending me a message... that very clearly states, "my child... the snow is NOT FOR YOU!"...

How many times this winter have we have predicted accumulating snow and gotten nothing. zada. zip? I missed one big Atlanta snow while I was in Jacksonville... last year's big snow hit everyone EXCEPT my county in Georgia. We've had a dozen false alarms this year and now... NOW... with most of the country buried under three feet of snow... they're predicting snow for SOUTH Georgia for Friday.

Snow is not for me.

I know those of you who are up to your necks in snow think I'm crazy. I don't want what y'all have. I just want SOME!

I have finally figured out a link to all my symptoms today. I think it's an ear issue... I'm dizzy and sick to my stomach but not really expelling anything like you would in a virus. My ears hurt something fierce. I think it's an ear thing causing me to be dizzy. I've slept a lot over the past 48 hours. Sleeping helps.

Today I've eaten roasted brussel sprouts, turnips and peppers for breakfast. I had an almond butter sandwich on whole grain bread for lunch. I had blackened tuna with stir fried collard greens and brown rice for dinner. I've had some almonds for a snack.

Guess what I figured out? If I eat more veggies than fruit, I lose weight. So there you go!

But... having said that... I'm about to eat a nice juicy asian pear. And then... maybe go on to bed. I intend to go to work tomorrow...

I had a stressful morning but ... once again... God provides. It seems lately like I'm playing the Whack a Mole game and I'm the mole... but it always ends up ok. Life is much, much better than it was two years ago. It's better than it was a year ago. It keeps getting better... so I'm gonna just keep getting up in the morning and do the best I can.

Hope you have a great evening, stay warm and dry and SHARE some snow, already!


Jim Gant said...

As I was thinking about tomorrow's Good Morning today, I thought about reciting this mantra:

My car is shot - but Jesus still reigns
My teeth fell out - but Jesus still reigns
My ears hurt - but Jesus still reigns

The point is, sweetheart, that regardless of the difficulties we encounter, Jesus is still King of Kings and Lord of Lords ... and we are still His!!!

So, today, as you face life's difficulties, remember Jesus still reigns.

Love ya