My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Monday, February 1, 2010

gotta brag a bit

I meant to mention earlier... my Ryan is in Denver this week - working. I'm so proud of him - he's doing a great job and has earned enough trust that they'll send him halfway across the country to handle jobs. That's huge.

Cody's also doing great in his spa job. He started last week with only three days and they went ahead and added a 4th day. He is paid on commission... and makes really good money as long as he's seeing clients.

They both have done really well at figuring out a trade in a busted up economy. My generation had it so much easier. I'm glad - REALLY GLAD that they were able to find something in life that they enjoy doing without having to incur the debt of a four year degree.

My boys are pretty awesome. And you know... I have to say it... there was someone in my past who put my boys down every chance he got, who treated them badly and treated his own kids like princes... but I'll put my kids up against ANYONE else's kids... and I believe that they have been far more successful than... well, anyone else's.

And beautiful.
And kind.
And smart.
And funny.
And loving.
And hardworking.
And creative.
And sweet.
And loyal to their family.
And everything else... that I ever hoped and prayed they'd be.


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Anonymous said...

Another AMEN here! Love your kids ... they remind me of mine. I could have written that whole last paragraph myself ... starting from "There was someone in my past ..."

and my story has the same ending!

Awesome kids ... stupid insecure narcissistic man.

Love you Heather!

Anonymous said...

p.s.... actually, forget the "insecure" part. Truth is they are falsely, mistakenly and hugely "secure" in their own importance and greatness.

Yeah ..... WHATEVER!