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My People
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Thursday, February 18, 2010

thankful thursday

It’s been three days since I last posted so I thought I better make an entry. I know how y’all worry. I used part of my lunch to take photos for the office so I can spare a few self-indulgent moments to quickly catch you up.

I’m good. Life is good. The sun is shining. The bluebirds are hanging out at the little birdhouse outside my office window. I had lunch with Stasha today. I had dinner with Jim and Angie and the girls last night. I had a great time at bible study last night. Yep. Life is good.

I finally crossed over that ten foot high concrete barrier of four pound weight loss this week… making it all the way to 4.5 pounds. The next day… I was up 3 pounds. So there you go… once the weather warms up I’ll be out and about in the great outdoors and I’m SURE that once I get all the pieces put together, it will just melt off. And… once again… not to be a broken record… but if the only benefit I get out of eating better is feeling better, it’s still worth it. It’s just that those size ten jeans are calling my name…

Next week Sarabeth is starting dance class. Jamie started a few weeks ago and Sarabeth was going to just play soccer. Then they had family participation day at dance and Sarabeth LOVED it. She’s tall and lanky… perfect for a dancer. Jamie is so musical and free spirited… she’s also perfect. I love ballet and I’m so glad they’re taking dance! It just so happens that SB’s first class falls on a day when her mom is out of town… and her dad has a class (he teaches at the college)… so Aunt Heather gets to pick up her little ballerinas and get them ready for dance class… then do the hand off to Jim. I’ll just take a late lunch that day so that I don’t miss any work. I’m really excited… planning hairdo’s already!

I was so proud of Sarabeth last night. She’s really shy. It’s hard to be the daughter of two outgoing people in very public jobs and in very public positions at church when you’re shy. People have watched the girls grow up and love them dearly and always want to talk to them. Jamie will talk to anyone – provided she’s not flitting off after a butterfly. Sarabeth is much more reserved. Well… when we have dinner at church they set a bucket beside the trash can for people to drop their leftover drinks into so that the trashcans don’t get soggy and leak liquid. Sarabeth went to take her trash after dinner last night and noticed there wasn’t a bucket. (with only a little bit of prompting) She went into the kitchen and found one of the ladies who was working and let her know they needed a bucket. That was brave for any 7 year old, but especially for a shy one. Me, Jim and Angie just watched in amazement. It was like her Helen Keller “water” moment… transformational.

Austin is gearing up for his birthday party weekend. His birthday is March 1st – a Monday. Next weekend he has a retreat with the youth group so THIS weekend we’re having Cousin Devy and another of their friends over for the whole weekend. They’re planning to play xbox and wii and eat junk food and stay up all night and … whatever. I’ll just cozy up in my nest and only come out if I smell smoke. We don’t have a tenant in the other side of our duplex so we won’t disturb anyone. I don’t think. We’ll play putt putt in town on Saturday, weather permitting and I’ll probably take them out for pizza or Mexican or something. He’s turning 16 and he’s not getting a car – or a drivers license – so I figure I can put up with a weekend of gaming. Right?

Letsee… what else? I have a headache today. It feels like sinus pressure. I stepped on a tiny sliver of glass and it got lodged into my foot and hurts. Not horribly but it’s there. I am resisting the urge to google, “deaths caused by slivers of glass” and “thorn in lion’s paw”.

Been a crazy afternoon… my few minutes are passed. Just didn’t want anyone to worry. I’m fine. God is good.


JennBand08 said...

Glad you are fine. Soak your foot. Weight fluctations are normal, I'm sure the same 3 lbs will be gone again another day. God IS good.

Missie said...

Enjoy your weekend.

Annie said...

I can't believe Austin will be 16 already, he was just a little boy when I started reading your blogs. :) Have a great weekend! ~Annie