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My People
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Sunday, February 7, 2010

super bowl sunday

I'm really trying hard to care about the Super Bowl.
For me it's a matter of picking between Kim Kardashian and Kendra Wilkinson and NO true E! fan can do that!
No, seriously. I just don't care.
If not for Tim Tebow's ad, I would probably be watching a chick flick.
My son, Ryan, called to try to persuade me to pull for New Orleans.
Yeah. I mean... I know New Orleans has suffered and so on and so forth.
But they're the team that always beats up on the Falcons and I find it hard to root for them.
I do think Drew Brees has a cool come-back story.
But seriously. I don't care.
Incidentally, it's a little unsettling that my son's blog page has an adult content advisory.
Not that I mind him expressing himself. It's healthy.
Wanna know how I spent my Sunday?
Austin and I went out for breakfast... always good to have that time to reconnect.
He was scheduled to help with the audio/visual stuff with children's church this morning so we headed on to church.
There is snow/ice at the tops of the mountains... really beautiful. We admired that on our way to church.
After church we came home and he napped... I played online... I cooked a little... cleaned a little. Not much.
I have earaches in both ears but they're not horrible. I've just been taking a little ibuprofen and using the antibiotic ear drops I have from earlier issues. I will not be sick.
This morning I had a gravy biscuit for breakfast... it wasn't healthy but it was a healthier alternative to my usual "breakfast out" meal of eggs, bacon, hash browns, etc.
For lunch I had a baked sweet potato and two stalks of celery with laughing cow cheese.
For dinner I cooked chicken breasts in the crockpot with a can of coconut milk and a can of diced tomatoes. The chicken was UH-mazing! Such a simple meal! I served it over brown rice.
I'm sure I'll want something else to eat... I'm thinking some roasted cabbage.
I haven't *blown it* this weekend by any stretch but I feel sort of out of my usual pattern.
I'm craving all kinds of food... especially pizza... whenever I have cravings I know that I've had too much sugar - probably from the biscuit this morning.
All things considered... I think I did ok this weekend with the eating. I had a chickfila - which was off track. I had two breadsticks at Olive Garden. I had the zuppa toscana soup - sort of a potato and sausage soup. I had fried ravioli and fried calamari but I didn't eat it all...
My Saturday breakfast was yogurt and a banana from the continental breakfast at the hotel.
I had a cinnamon roll and a chocolate chip cookie during break at the conference....
but once I got back home it was back to reasonable eating.
I took Austin through McDonalds last night and I didn't get anything. I did eat about five of his fries... but still... I think even at my worst I'm makng way better choices.
Haven't weighed all weekend.
Austin made fun of me this morning... I have little heart vinyl clings decorating my bathroom mirror, one for every pound I've lost. The restaurant where we had breakfast had decorated their windows with dozens of valentines vinyl clings. Austin said, "mom... they've lost WAY more weight than you have!". Ha.
The first part of the Tebow ad was cute. He's such a cutie patootie!
I didn't realize it was going to be a series of ads. Guess I'll be watching for awhile.
Anyways... that's my exciting Sunday. It's been a long weekend. Got a lot done... still a lot more that could have been done but... there's always next weekend, right?
Hope you guys enjoy the Super Bowl or whatever else you're doing!
love and hugs!

PS... I just caught myself cheering for the Saints.