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My People
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Tuesday, March 13, 2012


For the ninety percent of my blog readers who don't follow sports... specifically college basketball... this time of year may not mean anything more to you than allergy season (and what a humdinger it's already starting out to be!) but for sports fans... specifically college basketball fans... this is the time of year known as "March Madness". You see... the best 64 (well, 68) teams from all over the country compete in a tournament that begins Thursday (well, today for the "play in" games) and goes through the April 2nd. And part of the fun of March Madness is predicting the winners... I do it almost every year. Some years I don't do well. Some years I put up a respectable bracket. Everyone has a method for their "bracketology" and I thought I'd share mine.
Explanation of my bracket or "How a girl fills out a bracket"...

1. I pick my teams based on the guys in my life. I love Kentucky. There was a fella that I used to be close to who was a big Kentucky fan. That made ME a Kentucky fan. And even though I've solidly been in the Gator camp for football ever since the Tim Tebow days... I have remained a Kentucky basketball fan.  This explains Kentucky going all the way (and hopefully bringing back great memories from 1996)... and it explains Florida making it to the Elite 8... and it explains FSU in the Elite 8... (because my boys are FSU fans). It also explains Gonzaga because my kids' dad's uncle went there. I always take Gonzaga as far as reasonable into the tournament. A sweet sixteen match up between my kids' favorite team and their paternal great-uncle's alma mater makes sense in my world.

2. It's all about Cinderella. Seriously. You may think of Cinderella and picture a lovely girl in a ball gown. I do too, except during the month of March. Cinderella means something totally different then. I googled the word "cinderella" and "ncaa bracket" and based my choices loosely on those results. You gotta respect the Cinderella story. Technically a TRUE Cinderella team will be ranked 14 or lower but my own loose interpretation means anyone who rises above their rankings and goes further than expected in the tournament. This explains my odd choice of St. Mary's in the Final Game.

3. I watch a few games here and there throughout the season and fancy myself an expert based on my impressions. Let's face it: I'm no athlete. I understand the basics of most sports only because I grew up in a house with 4 brothers and 1 tv. I do a little cramming the last week or so of the season and watch the games on tv througout the various conference tournaments and pick teams based on my perception of how those games went... which is another reason why FSU does well in my bracket... and why Vandy gets a good bit of respect... and so on.

4. It's about odd, eclectic choices. Every year the people with the best brackets are usually people who know hardly anything about basketball. I always put a few random picks in there... or excuse my odd choices with the perspective of "the less you know, the further you go".

So ... there you go... the logic behind my bracket.

My dentist appointment for Thursday was rescheduled to today so I will have a shorter work day but at least a minor amount of misery before I get back home this evening. I'm not a fan of the dental pain. I'm already feeling the effects of Springtime in full bloom... honestly... I very much want to just crawl back in bed today. I won't. But I want to. Hope you have a good day... love and hugs, y'all.