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My People
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Saturday, March 24, 2012

random Saturday stuff

It's a beautiful bright sunny Spring day here in lovely Sautee, Georgia.

I have already made my trip to town for the day and it was already crowded. People like to make day trips to the Northeast Georgia mountains when the weather is nice. It's a perfect day to come... everything is blooming and colorful and just simply amazing! It just means that it takes longer for us locals to do the things we need to do on the weekends... and it's silly for me to try to do things when it's crowded when I have all this time on my hands. Unfortunately. 
There's just the tiniest little hint of chill in the air... enough that the cats are tunneling little caves for themselves in the pile of clothes that I just took out of the dryer. Poor Stubby had the PERFECT little cave - only his head was showing - and made the mistake of going to sip some water. Trouble totally bogarted the cave... and Stubby is stuck on the end of my recliner trying to figure out how to evacuate Trouble.
Remember when this used to be a weight loss blog? Now it's the "Daily Adventures of Heather's Cats". And seriously... if you were to look at the photos currently on my digital camera... they are cats, cats and nothing else but cats. It's a sad state of affairs, my friends.
Austin's "married friend" spent the night with us last night. (you remember, the one who didn't have a wedding night because they got married at the courthouse and therefore didn't really have a wedding... so they couldn't have a wedding night? that one.)  He's on the outs with the spouse and so he's crashing here. He's a walking skeleton so I figure he probably doesn't eat much. He doesn't have a car or a license so I'm not worried about him taking Austin anywhere. It gave me a little bit of a pause when Austin said, "Zack doesn't have anywhere to go, can he stay here for a week or so?" This is where time and experience as a parent is on my side - I realize how volatile young relationships can be. He'll be back with Amber in a minute and a half. If he's not... by Tuesday... I'll be out helping him job hunt. No loafers in this house. And, Heaven knows that I need to be sensitive toward people in need... don't want to mess up my karma. 
My Monday is scheduled up with mammogramming and getting all the documentation turned in for my guv'ment handouts (do they still give out the government cheese? that was the BEST cheese! Grandma got a block of it when we were little and she couldn't eat it so we go it... made the best grilled cheese sandwiches! but I digress)... Tuesday is going to be my day to take copies of my resume around to anyone and everyone who will let me in the front door. The worst they can say is no. I'm used to "no". It stings... but only for a minute. I figure while I'm out and about doing that, Austin and Zach can look for gainful employment too. Wouldn't kill 'em. 
I started on a new medication yesterday... cholesterol meds.... The nurse from my doctors office called and said my cholesterol was 331 (fasting) and I have a bladder infection. Who knew? 
I've been ignoring everything else while trying to manage my pain - for the past 15 months  - and I've really got to do a better job with my diet. I don't mean "diet" as in Weight Watchers, etc... I mean I need to eat a more balanced, healthy diet. This train is heading down a mountain at full speed and it's going to be a nasty heap of junk at the bottom if I don't find a way to apply the brakes. Or something less metaphoric.
So I'm taking two different blood pressure meds, both of them doubled from their original dose... a diuretic... a cholesterol drug... and my blood pressure yesterday afternoon was 151/94. It's just stupid. I took it again at midnight (yes, I was up at midnight) and it was 116/64... which I thought was fantastic... but again this morning right out of bed and right before coffee it was 137/84. I mean... this morning's number wasn't BAD but it definitely isn't reflecting the tons of drugs I'm on. 
I had shredded wheat for breakfast. So far, so good for today, right? 
I had planned to have soup for lunch but oy, the sodium! 
I skipped a trip to the bakery. No sense wasting money or calories. 
I had lost three pounds when I went to the doctor on ... what day was that? Thursday? I sarcastically thought to myself, "that's three pounds of tears"... but... eh... whatever. I need to be a whole lot sadder for a whole lot longer before I'll be back from the land of morbid obesity. 
In other news... yeah. That's about it for today. 
Hope you're having a fabulous weekend! Love and hugs!


Steve Finnell said...

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Maire said...

Heather, I'm praying for you! I'm so sorry to read about all the struggles your going through