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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Monday, March 12, 2012

Reasons to Love Monday - State Of Intimidation (Unrated)

Is there any better Reason to Love Monday than THIS commercial? Please watch it... it is ridiculously funny and ... has a shadow of truth. Not that we duck and hide from clients... ever.... ok, just the one guy who asks me out every time he comes in and creeps me out... but there are a lot of people whose temperament makes me want to run and hide. Or cry. But I do love with I do. Almost all of the time.

There's another video that I've been trying to find and post for you but the links keep breaking. Just google, "Marie Osmond Pees Herself"... you really have to see this. It's hilarious! It was my Reason to Love Sunday but it really made me laugh. Loud.

It's MARCH MADNESS... time for the NCAA Basketball Tournament and I will be filling out my bracket today. I'll be using every spare moment working on this to get it right. I use a combination of logic and emotion in my feminine bracket. I watched about 12 hours of basketball and basketball commentary over the weekend. I know more about this current field than most women and a lot of men... I use common sense, for instance, a 16 seed isn't going to beat a number 1 seed. I think that's only happened maybe once in the history of the tournament. It's fun seeing how well I do. I love the competition and I see it as sort of a brain teaser.

I bought groceries this week with the determination that we are going to live off the bounty of the pantry for a solid week. We have to cut back our spending and I've been eating lunch out almost every day. That's roughly $100 a month, if I eat smart but most of the time I don't. We've also had a lot of breakfasts out... driving through for a drink...lots of waste in our budget and that has to stop. I clipped my coupons and shopped wisely and planned wisely for what we needed. I also cut out sodas for Austin. He's not loving it but it's a waste of money and it's bad for him. My Reason to Love Monday is having breakfast ready to go!

(by the way... if you have coupons you're not using... will you consider mailing them to me? I'm having trouble finding coupons since we don't have a printer and I rarely buy a print newspaper. We saved $13 this weekend and I was really proud of that, it will add up and help me fill the gaps in my budget)

It's warming up. Our lowest high temp for the week is 69, which will come today. I have the window open and the kitties are loving peeking out. Unfortunately... there was a little parent/teenager drama going on upstairs over the weekend (the boyfriend was arrested, according to Austin) and there was a little carrying of sound down to us... doors slamming... stomping..Ugh.

My own teen... he's doing fine. A little snappish with me and I finally last night had to snap back and say, "ok... I'm not appreciating the way you're talking to me"... I know that anger is part of the grieving process and he doesn't really have anyone else that he trusts enough to be angry at ... and know that they'll still be there. It's that unconditional mommy love. I don't like the meanness, though. It hurts my heart. I've worked hard at making the path easy for him over the past few days but... there's only so much I can do, know what I mean?

I made an awesome - stretch for days - recipe in the crockpot on Saturday. I used 8 boneless chicken breasts... two jars of salsa... one big can of cream of mushroom soup... two chopped peppers and a ton of cilantro (because I love it and it's good for lowering blood pressure) ... so far we've had four meals from it. It is great over rice... it's great to pick out the chicken and put it in a taco.... I made a casserole by layering it with corn tortillas and cheese in a casserole dish (that's for dinner tonight) AND... since pillsbury pizza dough was buy one get one free and I had a coupon....we're going to have a mexican pizza with it tomorrow. Having dinner already planned out is a great Reason to Love Monday.

Wednesday I go back to the pain doctor.
Thursday I have some dental work done to fix something that the quack dentist in Jacksonville did... they left a tiny piece of tooth when they did a root canal and that tiny piece is causing infection. Not looking forward to that process but I have to do it while I can do it.
Friday is payday.

Let's get this week started... have a great day, y'all!