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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Just a few things that are disturbing me... aka Whiny Wednesday

  • I missed a call from my doctors office last night at 8:17pm. No message. Now, THAT's disturbing.
  • Alicia Silverstone feeding her baby by chewing the food and then spitting it into his mouth. SMH*
  • I'm feeling very much in the minority and don't want to make a judgement without all the information but... why are they showing pictures of Treyvon Martin from 5 years ago when there are other more recent pictures (that make him look less innocent) readily available. The very fact that the media has tried to portray this young man as more young and innocent looking than he actually was at the time of his death makes me go, "hmmmm?"
  • And let me just make a promise that if any of my young sons lose their life in any kind of tragedy, controversial or otherwise, I will not be trademarking their name. So if any of you out there wants to jump on it, go right ahead.
  • I've been watching too much tv. Every food they advertise is brown. Fast food - brown. Cereal - mostly brown + food dye. Granola bars. Cookies.
  • And how many people have mesothelioma? Because I'm betting there are about five times as many lawyers willing to represent victims of mesothelioma than there are people who have it.
  • Trouble keeps irritating Stubby. Trouble really just wants to play but Stubby is not feeling it. I've tried yelling. Time out. Clapping my hands. I finally figured out that if I wave a dish towel it distracts Trouble and he runs off.
  • It got downright chilly overnight last night. I had to get up and go around closing windows.
  • I didn't sleep well last night but I am one hundred percent certain, no doubt about it, going to church tonight. For real. Honest.
  • If for no other reason that if I don't have contact with the outside world (other than the cashier at Ingles) then I just may lose my mind. (not that the Ingles cashiers aren't perfectly nice).
  • I did have visitors last night. Austin's Sketch-bot-Skeletor the Married Friend with a pregnant wife came by last night with a girl, not his wife, so that they could *borrow* my vacuum and she could use the bathroom. Apparently they're moving into a new place. Together, I think. I explained to Austin that we couldn't loan things like vacuum cleaners to people that I don't know well. Not to be selfish or anything. But... let's just say that I'm not impressed by the character of this kid.
  • On the Today Show... Ann Curry is doing a piece about hiring our heroes, hiring veterans, which I completely support but in two separate shots they showed people in the background who are busy texting. Geez.
  • Christie Brinkley's interview with Matt Lauer yesterday... PATHETIC. I mean, she may be the total victim of a cheating narcissist and it's not that I can't relate (thank God I didn't have children with that man) but any time you throw mud on someone else (justifiable or not) you can't help but get a little dirty yourself.
  • I'm trying to hold onto that perspective, know what I mean?
  • I didn't do much of anything at all yesterday. I took Austin to school and that is about all. Had a lot of pain. Just didn't want to move.
  • I did change the litter box again because... it was just nasty. Austin had changed it last Thursday... completely dumped everything, even bleached the floor around it. It's like the cleaner you get it, the more they take it as a challenge. Pigs.
  • I also loaded the dishwasher. Hung up a few clothes. Made the bed. Minor little things. Mostly just sat here doing nothing except snarking at the tv and internet and contemplating how much ignorance there is in the world.
  • Just slowly morphing into that crazy old cat lady that I always threatened to be.

Happy Wednesday, y'all.

*shaking my head