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My People
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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sleepy Sunday (for everyone but me)

Twelve-thirty-ish on a Sunday afternoon and every living being in this house is asleep... except me.
Trouble actually has his head propped on the corner of my laptop... which is fine except when I need to backspace for any reason... and I backspace a lot.
He's so durn cute, though... I can't make him move.
Austin's married friend needs to go back home to his pregnant wife. Poor boy is scared to death of me AND HE SHOULD BE and I'm not sure why.... I don't dislike him, per se. I just dislike how Austin acts when he's around. And... well, I think it's super sketchy/irresponsible for a man who is grown enough to be married and to procreate to stay up all night two nights in a row playing xbox 360... keeping me awake and putting my kid back on the vampire schedule that made him nearly fail 11th grade last year.
Ok. Honestly, I don't like that kid.
I mean, Logan, even though he was reproductively irresponsible has worked his tail off over the past year making sure that Hillary and Dessa were taken care of. He has gone to school full time, worked as many hours as he could get and put up with ... let's just call it "less than supportive" parenting.
I know that Married Friend has had "less than supportive" parents as well, but at some point you just make a decision that despite whatever cards you were dealt in your formative years that you are going to make a better life for yourself. He hasn't. I find that unacceptable.
They have been living with his in-laws who don't like him (I concur) which has made for difficult living conditions for him so he has insisted that his pregnant wife and toddler step-daughter move out with him to a place of their own. He doesn't have a job, mind you, and pregnant wife is the sole supporter of their family. I can't imagine why she wouldn't want to leave the safe haven of her parents' home. *eye-roll*
Since pregnant wife wouldn't leave, he did. To sleep on my couch. Since, you know, I have the means to support a worthless adult/child.
I'm sorry if I sound bitter. I haven't slept well in the past two nights because of... well, what I just said.
Subject change.
This medication they have me on for cholesterol completely knocks me out within thirty minutes of taking it. I wake up three hours later (which may just be a coincidence because of - previous subject) and feel like it must surely be 5am or something... last night it was 10:41pm. That's some hard core stuff.
My blood pressure is still not what it should be.
Last night our internet went out... I had to call the internet provider to see if we could fix the problem. My cell phone doesn't have good reception in our little basement apartment on the wrong side of the mountain... and our modem is wired up to the inner-most portion of the house. If there is a tornado, I would station myself beside the modem. It's that interior.
So I was doing this crazy kind of Internet Repair Yoga where I held the cell phone where it could have enough signal for me to hear every other word... I held the modem in the other hand and the ball point pen I was using to press the reset button in the other hand and the laptop in the other hand. Yes, that's four hands. No, that's not humanly possible. Especially when you have lost your flexibility and mobility.
For an added degree of difficulty, Trouble and Stubby decided to get in a tomcat territorial fight three feet away.
It turned out that it was a system wide issue and all of my efforts were in vain. They asked for a number to call us back when the service was restored and I wanted to give them Austin's number, hoping that it would *at least* ring when the call came in (mine doesn't always, especially after dark). I couldn't remember Austin's number because I was out of breath and flustered... and so I said... "Austin, what's your cell phone number" and he said, "WHO WANTS TO KNOW?"...
I am, by and large, an even tempered person. I may be catty and mean occasionally in my blog but truthfully, I rarely raise my voice in anger.
WHO WANTS TO KNOW? The person who pays your cell phone bill, Loser.
I nearly snatched him bald headed.
After ending the call... I explained calmly the frustration I was experiencing and asked if he would, when the internet provider called back, please help me to follow their instructions as I was having quite a difficult time of it.
So when they called back and I was in my recliner with the forty pound cat and the laptop in my lap (I made that number up) (I was playing freecell) he brought his phone to me, said, by way of introduction, "Here mom" and walked away... while I tried to wrestle myself to a sitting position and also a position that would allow HIS cell phone to pick up a signal ... the customer service person said, "It will be an estimated 24 hours before your service is restored" ... I probably shouldn't have taken my blood pressure after that.
The Married Friend Skeleton Boy really doesn't need to be here because honestly... I need a victim... and I'm not sure anyone would miss him if he disappeared.
It was about 8am today before my service was restored.
In other news... I am now at 39% proficiency in freecell.
I'm having a little bit of trouble concentrating lately.
I'm thinking that I might be slipping into a little bit of depression, although I'm fighting it.
I'm scared to death to spend any money at all. Depression mentality setting in - the era, not the mental illness.
I'm so grateful to God that I caught up my bills in February and paid things one paycheck ahead instead of hoping my paycheck would be deposited before the checks cleared. We would be in worse shape otherwise.
I'm slightly discouraged that *finally* when I was getting caught up, *this* had to happen... but I do believe that all things work together for good and I definitely believe that God will meet all of our needs. I mean, who would have thought that my kids' dad would be consistently paying child support after all these years of inconsistency? To me, that is DEFINITELY a God thing.
Everybody is still asleep.
Happy Sunday, y'all.