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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thursday blog... Wednesday recap...

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening from beautiful Sautee, Georgia. This picture was actually taken in Cleveland... right beside the Yonah Burger. Isn't that a gorgeous view for a hamburger stand?

Are you wondering what happened to your early morning blogger that delivered her daily thoughts promptly at 6am every day?

Well... she's now a crazy cat lady, tucked safe inside her home trying to figure out the next step in life.

I make a point of leaving the house for some reason or another every single day. It confuses the cats, but I go.

Today may end up being the exception to that rule. I'm... well, I'm just tired. And sore. And feeling like nesting.

I still haven't heard back from the doctor to find out why they called my house at 8:17pm (approximately) on Tuesday night.

My sister-in-law's father, "Gramps" is still very sick and our hearts are all so heavy for them. Angie has been down on the southside of town with him most of the week.... which meant that I got some precious time with my two favorite red headed girls yesterday. I picked them up from school... took them to their house so they could gather up their library books and unwind for a few minutes... took them to the library and then to the park so they could play on the playground before church... then to church for dinner... then got them settled in their class and went home.

It was such a blessing to be with them but honestly... between the library book toting... sitting on hard surfaces... hiking from the parking lot to the playground at the park... sitting on the hard folding chairs at church for a time... I was in some hardcore discomfort by the time I got home. It breaks my heart that I'm not stronger and able to do more. There are somethings that I can't do (like mopping the kitchen) that I don't miss a bit... but not being able to swing with the girls... catch them at the bottom of the slide... and so on... it hurts.

And when I got home I was met at the porch by Austin, about to head out on a misadventure with Skeletor the Sketchy Married Man with a Pregnant Wife and some other "over-achievers". I'm not sure who was going but certainly there was someone besides Skeleton Boy because he doesn't have a car. Or a drivers license.

The plan was to go camping... which, from what I understand, is Skeletor's current address. I know this because earlier in the day Austin had asked if Skeleton Boy could stay with us "for awhile". I explained that this was not a good "season of life" for me to be taking in stray people. Austin insisted that if Skeleton boy couldn't stay with us that he'd be sleeping in a tent. I'm not sure how that is my problem... or Austin's... to resolve.

Perhaps I should be more sympathetic... but for the grace of God we'd be living in a cardboard castle ourselves... but my blood pressure shot thru the roof (I know because I checked it)... as I interviewed my young rocket scientist about his plans: Where were they camping? Who owned the tent? What was he using for a sleeping bag? What were they eating? What would they have to drink? WAS HE REALLY PLANNING TO GO CAMPING IN A POLO SHIRT, MISMATCHED BASKETBALL SHORTS AND FLIPFLOPS? 

Sorry for yelling. I didn't really. I have this bizarre habit of speaking lower and softer the madder I get.... it forces the recipient of my fury to be still and listen harder... you should try it some time.

Austin went into the "don't make any sudden movements or she might pop a vein" conciliatory mode. "Do you want me to load the dishwasher before I go?" "I don't want you to go" "I took out the trash so you don't have to deal with it when I'm gone" "I don't want you to go" "I'll be home by this time tomorrow and my cell phone is fully charged so you can call me if you need anything" "I don't want you to go".

You get the picture.

The best part was when he calmly and with complete conviction said, "You can't really stop me from going because I'm an adult"... "SO ACT LIKE ONE!!". Seriously, I haven't heard a more misguided, poorly planned journey since Ma and Pa Joad left off for California.

He said he had warned Skeletor that the maternal parent was not feeling agreeable and Skeletor, Einstein that he is, said, "I don't think your mom likes me." YA THINK?. He picked him up on the other side of the building. No lie.

If he's been arrested or met up with some other misfortune, I'm blissfully unaware. He's on Spring break so he's not missing class. It's quiet here and nobody is asking me to take them out for McDonalds or "run out for coke" and so forth. I'm comforted by the knowledge that God protects children and fools and surely he fits in there somewhere.

AT ANY RATE... I had a great conversation with a lady at church last night who is my age-ish and has been out on disability for several years following a stroke. She gave me some good advice and a lot of empathy about how life changes when your body no longer does the things you need/want it to do. Many people are concerned and sympathetic but honestly, few people truly *get it*.

It's easy to assume that I'm lazy (which I've always been, to some degree, I'm no lazier than I've ever been) or
whatever... fill in the blanks... when really, all I am is
Losing my job was/is discouraging and definitely has forced my hand to figure out who I am and what I can do and it's a hard, multi-layered decision that involves an "adult" who is so far removed from reality that if they did a reality show about us it would be pure science fiction.

In other news... Trouble continues to be fascinated with the kitchen sink...