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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Monday, March 26, 2012

Furry Reasons to Love Monday

My indian Native American name is now officially: "She Who Talks To Cats".  That's what it's come to, I'm afraid.

Here we have Trouble in the kitchen sink watching for the "burds, and duh goggies and duh kwurrels and duh udder kitties" which is what I say to him every time he is looking out the window.

 Here is Trouble - or Yittle Kitty - or Tubbles - or My Yittle Boy - whatever baby name I'm giving him at the time - commandeering the foot of my bed. There has been a huge conflict over this over the weekend. Stubby sets up camp in one spot and -other than eating and pooping - stays in that spot nonstop for about two weeks and then moves to another spot. This go round, Stubby has commandeered the foot of my bed and Trouble sees my bed as HIS territory. All of my room and anywhere I am is Trouble's territory. So there has been much hissing and fussing this weekend.
 Here is Trouble being "mommy's best helper... what would I do wit-out my sweet yittle kitty helper to pack down the clothes?" If you can't tell... this is the inside of my dryer.
Here he is waiting for "duh boy to cums out and gib him yubs"  He has a love/hate relationship with Austin. If he sees Austin coming, he runs and hides. If Austin catches him, he becomes catatonic rubber kitty and is completely limp and subjects himself to whatever Austin wants to do - which is usually hold him upside down over my purse for Trouble to pick it up like a "Grab It Machine". Whenever Austin goes into the bathroom Trouble waits patiently outside the door. When Austin leaves for school Trouble sits in the window and whines. I'm not sure what Trouble's fascination with Austin is... but it reminds me of a little brother wanting to be around the big brother, even if the big brother is rough with him.

At any rate... it's that time of week again...

My Reasons to Love Monday on my second week of unemployment:

1. Skeletor the Married Loafer Dude has left the building. He didn't bother to put the pillows back on the couch but thank God and Greyhound (or whoever he convinced to come pick him up) he's gone.

2. Austin went to school today. He was ill and grumpy and yelled at me once. He couldn't find his phone. There was lint on his hoodie. This is the weird thing: Austin is the closest thing I've ever seen in human form to the cartoon character Pigpen. He literally walks with a cloud of dust around him. He wears either pajama pants or torn jeans with a mismatched shirt to school but he absolutely cannot stand to have any lint or cat fur on him. It cracks me up. He goes thru lint rollers so fast I can't keep up.

3. We'll find out today if we qualify for food stamps. This is huge for us. With it looking doubtful that we'll get unemployment... trying to make it on the $400 a month of child support Austin is getting... and the meager amount I had accumulated in my checking account... it's going to be difficult to keep the wheels on this little red wagon. We won't get much since it's only the two of us but anything would help. I can stretch it to make it work.

4. I have a mammogram today. The last one I had in June 2008 in Jacksonville had some questionable findings which turned out to be just fibrocystic stuff but they told me I needed to do another one in six months. Well... it's been four years... and it's one of those undone things in my life that I've just not had energy/time/resources to deal with. It's one of those - well, it wouldn't be a "bucket list" because it's not something I WANT to do - let's call it a "trash can list" of things I need to take care of but haven't. Like oil changes (which I'm almost due for again) and paying for my car tag (which I thankfully did early this year).

5. On my "trash can list" also for this week is to get resumes out. I'm almost paralyzed by the fear of rejection. I miss my job so bad! I miss my clients and I miss representing a company that I believe so strongly in. I literally weep when I see State Farm commercials.  I'll do whatever God leads me to do, of course, whether that means going to a different company or going to a different location to be able to support us or... working at the durn gift shops in Helen. Wherever He leads, I'll go... but it's something I've got to face - now. This is supposed to be a reason to love Monday so I'll put it on my list this way: One way or another I'm going to know if there's a possibility for me to find employment here this week. If not... I'll start getting the resume out to other areas.

6. This is not a reason to love Monday but we're going to make it into one - my sweet sister in law, Angie's father is still very, very sick and in ICU where he's been for over a week. Gramps is mostly sedated so although he's the one who is suffering physically, the women in his family are all suffering emotionally. I'm going to ask you to pray for these girls and give them a reason to look back to today and know that they were truly carried on the wings of prayer. Trudy, Angie, Mandy, Hannah, Sarabeth and Jamie - you can list them by name before the Lord and ask Him to wrap them in His love and give them strength and courage and hope while Gramps is recovering... and we definitely want to believe in Gramps' complete healing!

7. It's a beautiful Spring day and I am so blessed to be able to have the windows wide open and not have use any power to control the climate in our little apartment. Gotta keep that power bill as low as possible! I hope to take some pictures of the fabulous sights around here today. I'm so blessed to live here and if circumstances are such that we can't keep living here, I will still be so grateful for the time we've had in this beautiful part of the world.

8. My back still hurts every day but since I haven't been sitting in a desk all day I haven't had any episodes where my legs don't want to support me. Whatever pinches off those nerves does it when I'm at a 90 degree angle. If I could work from my recliner... I'd be golden.

So that's it... my furry Reasons to Love Monday this week... thank you for your prayers, your emails, your comments and likes... I feel so blessed to have people who read my blog and care about me. It helps me have a reason to get out of bed each morning! Love and hugs, y'all!


The Brown Recluse said...

If you don't get unemployment, appeal...but I think you'll get it, if you have refuted the lies. An appeal process takes a little time, but it will be worth it, if you're not working. Don't stop at one rejection IF it comes to that.