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My People
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Thursday, January 14, 2010

all day rambling...

Nissan Cube has a style called “Ginormous”. Seriously?
I missed the part on American Idol last night where they did the “Pants on the Ground” song. Must you tube later. I hear it’s hilarious. I was watching CNN. Don’t throw rotten tomatoes… they’ve had better coverage on Haiti. And Anderson Cooper is so durn cute! I felt quite self-righteous for being so concerned about my fellow man instead of indulging myself with reality tv. But I wish I had seen that part.
I’m growing sugar cane on my farm in Farmville.
My little cyber pet now has the Louvre as a habitat.
Last night in my bible study it ended up just being me and the leader, Alisa. I love Alisa. She’s had two back surgeries over the past few months and I’ve had my issues so we have barely seen each other. It was good to have a private lesson and time to share with her. Accountability, honesty, vulnerability… it’s good to have Christian friends who understand the challenges this world presents.
My brother Bryan (in NYC) has a torn acl and has to have it replaced with a cadaver acl. I thought I was witty with my comment to Candice about “zombie knees” until I heard Jim’s response – “Dead man walking”. Good times. How did my brothers and I all end up to be so sarcastic? Knee surgery is only funny if it’s not your knee.
BTW Bryan, I think you should represent Conan. Looks like he’s getting a bum deal. I don’t watch him… but still.
From the “Man plans and God laughs” file… Had to spend my lunch hour driving the one hour round trip to pick Austin up from school and take him home. He has an OUTER ear infection… as in the lobe… almost as if he tried to pierce it with a dirty needle… (come to think of it… he was with his brothers over Christmas vacation… the three of them together are like sailors on leave. Not really. Mental note to check Austin for tattoos this evenings) Anyways… you can tell it’s painful, it’s all yucky and red and inflamed and swollen. Bless his little heart. It wasn’t how I would have chosen to spend my lunch hour but it didn’t kill me. Everything is easier when you don’t feel like a slug.
Speaking of slugs… I met with D today to discuss my goals for this year and we had a nice chat about the connection between being healthy and being successful. Two weeks into this new lifestyle and I’m experiencing lots of non-scale victories. Those are all so sweet. It’s one thing to be alive. It’s something quite different to really live.
Two sentences back I meant I am the slug… was. Past tense. Over it now.
People are getting on my nerves today. I’ve been way too busy all week and things are getting backed up and so every twenty minutes there’s something that comes up about something that’s not done. It’s snowballing on me. I’m just plugging away… doing what I can… trying to catch up. I’ve written a lot of policies this week. There’s a lot of documentation that has to be done. It’s a pain. I need about three hours of not seeing clients to get caught up. It ain’t gonna happen. Out of the 18 new auto apps this month I’ve done 13. Busy


Anonymous said...

I youtubed Pants on the Ground earlier ~ not nearly as funny as the hype. Glad you aren't feeling so sluggish.

Anonymous said...


Missie said...

I had a complete ACL tear last year and had it replaced with a cadaver. He'll be laid up for about 4 weeks and then 3 months of therapy. I wish him well!

stasha said...

I had a sever...savier...sevier... dang i need to learn how to spell! haha! anyway I had a really bad outer ear infection when I was in high school from a dirty ear ring, it was up in my cartlige and it ran down into my lifnotes they where all swollen and junk it was not fun at all in the slightest. I almost got blood poisoning! remind me and I'll tell you bout it later! anyway next week I feel like we need to eat lunch together twice b/c we didn't eat lunch together this week! so yeah see you SUNDAY!!! love you! :)

Wendy in Oz said...

Hey Ho! Just popped in to let you know I am still alive and kicking and its much better to be over worked than sitting round the office looking at each other racing for the door when the next victim em I mean client comes in! Happy New Year Babe. Hope the sun shines on