My People

My People
My People - Cosette, Austin, Oliver, Cody, me & Ryan. Just think, had I not lived, these people wouldn't be on the planet. They are my whole heart!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

We interrupt this blog...

We interrupt this blog to bring you the following special announcement:


Now back to our regularly scheduled Thursday.


Dutch said...

You are funny. We have about 6 inches so far here and another 7 inches on the way tonight.
Enjoy the snow.

~*~ Beckie ~*~ said...


Send me some, wouldja?


Katie J said...

I have NO clue what it must be like! I have lived in California my entire life.

Missie said...

Your snow is heading my way for tonight! I wish you would have kept it there! LOL

Heavenlybama said...

We didn't get no snow but our temps this morning were 21 wind chill 9 and winds were 12 mph. With those temps, we should have some snow! :(