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My People
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Monday, January 4, 2010

more Monday

Again, I ask, "How cold is it?"...
"It's cold enough..." answers my sister-in-law Angie, "that our pipes have burst again! Just like last year".
Ok. Those weren't her exact words. I'm not sure exactly what she said.
A pipe in their basement burst and shot out water across the basement... ruining their furniture and probably carpet... and punching a hole in the wall.
For those who haven't been around here long... this same thing happened last year and they were out of their house for six weeks.
This wasn't as bad and it was isolated to the bottom floor but it's still a huge ordeal.
I called to arrange for disaster cleanup.... (not plugging any one particular company but there are several good ones in Georgia)
Left work (it was time to go home anyways)... went to Jim and Angie's...
and went straight in to check on the girls.
The last burst pipe was traumatic for the girls.
Sarabeth had that worried look that older and wiser firstborn overachievers get. (I've seen it lots but never in the mirror).
Jamie had the same etherial, carefree spirit that all us secondborn avoiders are gifted with...
Angie had heard from the rep from the company I called.
Jim had set up the claim.

I had a great day food wise. I'm not counting anything... calories, points, bites... none of that... I'm just eating only healthy foods.
It's basically the Weight Watchers Core Plan which I understand is now called something else... unlimited food plan or something...
I'm definitely feeling better already... I'm at 75% complicity for 2010.
Saturday I had biscuits, bacon, gravy, birthday cake...
On Friday I had bread at Outback.
Other than that... everything that has gone into my body in 2010 has been produce, lean meat, grains or nuts.
I can do this!
My friend Michele in Kentucky is my accountability partner... she had a great day and even worked out! I'm not there yet... but... great job, Michele!

Michele asked about the turkey meatloaf... here's the basic recipe but remember, I'm really not a good cook and I don't measure...
it was half ground turkey and
half a mixture of spinach, mushed up chickpeas, shredded carrots, peppers and onions
I topped it with teriyaki sauce but you could use whatever you like...
I could have used an egg (or egg whites) to help bind it and next time I want to use shredded zucchini too, I think that would be great in meatloaf, and some type of grain, maybe barley.

I'm real excited about barley. It's high in fiber and protein and super cheap.
I'm trying to pay attention to getting enough protein and fiber - to give me energy and keep me feeling full -
and getting in 5-9 servings of fruits and vegetables.
I'm avoiding sugar, flour and grease as much as possible.
I'm avoiding meats that aren't lean.
I'm trying to keep my snacking at veggies/fruit/nuts.
Basic foods... as little processing as possible...
and I haven't been hungry a bit.

But I am sleepy... without ambien... good times!
Night y'all!


moshell's lilbit of space said...


I will be adding that to the grocery list. I like my comfort I am going to try it.

Must go lay muscles that haven't been paid attention too in the last year....are sreaming at me! Wonder what they will do tomorrow?? lol

Haven't thought about my menu for tomorrow, but it shouldn't be too difficult as everything is cut, made and ready to go!

Hoping Jim & Angie & girls will be okay! Are they staying at the house?

Myra said...

Perhaps cutting out the Ambien and adding the healthy foods will help you to sleep better. No sugar, flour, any of that white stuff or even processed foods, all good for the body!

slj said...

I tend to be one of those people that live to eat rather than eating to live...humm...still trying to change that mindset.
Sounds like you have a good plan.
Keep up the good work.

Elizabeth Mahlou said...

I am so with you. I needed to lose 50 pounds. I lost 30 with a great deal of effort, then went to Lithuania in the winter where it is cold and foods are heavy to warm the body. I gained 15 pounds back. So, I am back trying to lose, again with great difficulty. I do count calories; it seems to be the only thing that works for me.

JennBand08 said...

Proud of you. Inspired by you. wtg! Tell me some more things to do with barley... I like the high protein high fiber cheap aspect of it too! Will Jim and Angie have to leave their house again? I hope not.. what an ordeal. I'm so sorry to hear this happened AGAIN. hang in there..~Jenn