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My People
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Sunday, January 10, 2010

getting ready for the week

I'll start with the turkey/veggie meatloaf again today... I've got two new ones baking in the oven. This time I went with turkey, beets, cabbage, chickpeas, carrots and onions. It is a lovely pink color. I also added steel cut oats to increase the fiber. Each meatloaf makes 2-3 meals for us and after starting my day with one for breakfast yesterday, I'm thinking this just might end up being my breakfast go-to meal. It's half meat, half veggie so it's a good ratio. I just need to add a fruit serving and we'll be good to go. Although, I really prefer to save a fruit serving for mid-morning with a little protein of some sort - a little cheese or a handful of nuts - to get me through.

I think when you stop thinking of food as reward and start thinking of it as fuel it revolutionizes your way of eating. I also think you need to enjoy what you're eating. And I don't think you need to permanently banish any beloved food from your life forever. I just think you have to change your relationship with food.

Austin was dying to get out of the house yesterday so we went to the Amish Bakery. Yesterday was their last day open until spring so we indulged in some treats (apple pie, for instance) and said goodbye to our good friends. Hopefully by the time they reopen, I'll be ten pounds lighter. The fact that they're closed for the next two months will definitely help me stay on track!

I've decided that Saturday will be my indulgence day. If I've had a healthy week of eating, I'll allow myself a few "no-no" foods on Saturdays. It's sort of worked out that way. The first Saturday of the year I had biscuits and gravy and birthday cake. Yesterday it was apple pie. I think KNOWING that there is a reward day... restricting rewards to that day... will help. This "time" is different for me in that I haven't needed a bedtime snack. Even when I lost a bunch of weight and was hardcore weight watchers... I still had a snack at bedtime. I think I'm past the age of being able to metabolize that. And... I think it interferes with sleep. I'm being very protective of my pre-bed hours to be sure that I don't do anything to keep me from sleeping. So... Saturday is officially Sugar-day.

Apart from Saturdays, I intend to stay as close to basic foods as possible. I've been working on my weekday meals today. Here's what's on the menu this week:

a black bean/brown rice bake with plantains, cumin and cinnamon (I'll serve with avocado and cilantro and maybe some salsa or light sour cream)

the turkey/veggie meatloaf

tuna salad with chopped cabbage, scallions, onion, capers, sweet pickles and fat free greek yogurt (instead of mayo)

I also have carrots that I plan to roast.... chopped cabbage for stir fry.... broccoli... oranges, pears, grapefruit, bananas, star fruit, onions to caramelize (Austin loves 'em)... alfalfa sprouts and avocado...

Lots of good stuff. We also bought some fresh whole grain bread at the bakery and some almond butter. I had toast with almond butter and a banana for breakfast and it was awesome. I would MUCH rather spend my money on good food than on doctors and drugs. It's a trade-off.

Since my eating style is grab and go... in the mornings because i'm in a hurry and on lunch because I don't really have much time and in the evenings because I'm tired.... I have to be super prepared for the week. I don't have time to scramble an egg in the morning so I really need to have boiled eggs ready for quick protein. I don't want to cook after work so I need to cook stuff on the weekends that can be quickly reheated.

My body is adjusting to the different foods. My tummy was a little icky this morning and I had that same experience during the past week... so I'm just really pushing fluids to help detox quicker. Get the junk out...

Next week is going to be the first five day work week I've had in a month. It's going to be interesting to see how my energy level holds up with proper nutrition instead of living off junk and pills and without ambien! Nothing makes me happier than knowing I can go to sleep without needing that $200 a month medication to do it! I'm going to spend today resting and getting ready for the week...

Hope you all have a great Sunday and a WARM week ahead!