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My People
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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thankful Thursday - quickie

My friend died of an aneurysm. She was 42. She passed away at 4am yesterday morning but they kept her on life support long enough to harvest her organs as she was an organ donor. She was such a sweet soul... we had a lot of great spend the nights growing up... time at youth camp... crushes we shared...singing together. She loved to sing. Like me... her passion outpaced her talent but she still was brave enough to do solos at church... and loved it.

Food update... yesterday was a good eating day. I had dinner at church so that was a bit of a variable. We had chicken pot pie and cranberry sauce. Their portions are small, though, so I didn't do any real damage. I had a salad with it to make sure I got a good veggie serving in... skipped dessert... had unsweetened tea. Not a derailing by any stretch.

I had a snack when I got home... multi-grain bread with olive oil. Then a cup of hot chocolate.

I slept well... no ambien... I'm finding that my natural sleep pattern is about six and a half hours a night... starting at about 11:30. That's reasonable... and it feels good...

Breakfast was two pieces of super high fiber multigrain toast with almond butter. I have a pear and a grapefruit for my snacks today. I'm having lunch with Stasha so we'll go out somewhere and eat healthy... then dinner will be black beans and brown rice. Probably with collards because I have some left.

I'm having some discomfort... feels like another bladder infection... trying to push the water and stay on top of things just in case. I don't want to do another anti-biotic.

I'm still really focused on the folks in Haiti... this morning the Christian radio station dedicated the song "God of this City" by Chris Tomlin to the city of Port-Au-Prince. If you don't know the song, youtube it. It's perfect. I could actually see the news footage running in my head as the song played. So many missionaries and aid workers are there... and have been there... fighting for these impoverished people for so long... the new challenges are overwhelming. My heart is burdened for them... that they will keep hope through this and see God's hand. In times of great need there is the capacity for great blessings.

This ended up being a not so quickie as someone stopped by and shared with me a great need in their life. Praying for great blessings there, too.

Time to get into the groove... much to do... more later, love and hugs!


Annie said...

Heather I'm so sorry about your friend. Take care, Annie