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My People
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Monday, January 25, 2010

windy Monday

I’m still a little stuffy but I don’t feel bad at all. I was coughing up a little junk this morning and I’ll keep a close eye on it… but I’m feeling pretty confident that I can stay ahead of this stuff. I took an allegra this morning just in case it’s allergy. Who knows… with the wacky weather… and Austin and I were outside quite a bit on Saturday. Might be allergies.

It’s bright and sunny this morning and really windy. I never noticed the wind before I moved here… maybe it’s being at a higher elevation. Wish it was warmer. I’m bored with cold weather. It either needs to snow or it needs to be spring. No more in between. That 36 hours of 40 degree pouring rain was a real bummer. But it did make for a good nesting Sunday.

Today is errand running day on lunch hour. I need gas… we’re out of milk, toilet paper and trash bags – three things you can’t do without… and our fresh fruits and veggie supply is dwindling. Austin has been eating a BUNCH but… he’s eating all good stuff so I don’t complain.

It’s been crazy busy in the office this morning. Lots of quoting which is great… lots of potential for commission. If I don’t sell new products, I don’t get more money. It’s that simple. I’m thankful not to be total commission… but really want to take advantage of additional funds that are available. It’s been so busy that I haven’t been able to put notes in after I talk to clients and that drives me crazy – good notes help me do good follow up and also help if someone else ends up helping the client later on.

The office I worked in while I lived in Jacksonville was redecorated over the weekend. From the description Whitney gave… it almost sounds like the decorator was going for a sort of Spanish mission feel, which would fit well in their architecture and the style of that area. The trouble is… they put huge wrought iron crosses on each desk. So Whitney… bless her heart… my sweet Jewish friend… goes into work to find a big old cross on her desk. Just picturing her face CRACKED me up. They decided that the crosses were too strong of a religious statement considering the multi-cultural area that they’re in… and so they all took them down. It’s sorta like walking into a nail shop and coming across the big Buddha shrine. It makes me not want to use those businesses.

Anyways… hope you all have a great Monday and a great week!
BTW… have you seen the More than a Mouthful Monday Hooters commercial? It’s these folks sitting around eating big meals… the lady says, “TGIM, buddy!”… the bald headed guy eating a burger is my friend Jamie. He’s done several commercials and has a small role in House of Payne. We always crack up when we see him.

Ok… time for lunch… pintos and brown rice!


Ryan said...

Hey! Its super windy up here too! Can you post a link to that video maybe? I've been looking for it, but haven't found it.