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My People
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Thursday, January 21, 2010

thankful thursday - underwater edition

It’s raining here. Raining in buckets. My hair is a mess.
Austin fell yesterday during P.E. which is now called Personal Fitness – or in his case – Intro to Team Sports – whatever. It’s still P.E. He landed hard on his tailbone and he’s really sore.
He was excited about going to church last night – gave it a celebratory fist pump. That was cool. Before I went to bed last night he asked if we are going to church on Sunday. I love that he loves it. And honestly, what’s not to love? Our church is such a loving, supportive group of people.
My friend Angie is working on fundraising for the local humane society. They’re doing a Masquerade Ball. She asked if I could help… the budget is zero… so it will all be covered by donations…. She didn’t know how to go about handling that sort of thing. I worked in theatre long enough (and was a single mom long enough) to learn how to barter and trade for goods and services. I know how to do something for nothing. I just need to enlist a few gay men… any takers? Angie is a single mom with FOUR kids under the age of 10. I met her through my Wednesday night bible study.
I turned in my registration last night for the Disaster Recovery certification with the Southern Baptist Convention. I’m gonna do it. I’ll get certified and then they put me on a list and when there’s a natural disaster… if my team comes up in the rotation, I’ll be offered the chance to go and serve. I’m really excited about it. I don’t have to accept an assignment if I can’t go for financial or logistical reasons. If I don’t go, I can still be on the rotation and it won’t change my ability to go in the future. So… I figure… I’ll get certified and let God work out the details.
Are you seeing a theme here? Heather out and about and engaged in her community! Go team!
I was talking with one of our pastors yesterday and he mentioned how our little women’s bible study had become a support group of sorts. I think I was the one who ushered in that change with my neediness and drama over the past year but… it’s awesome how God is using our group to give a home base of sorts to women who are not from the traditional church going demographic.
In other news… our agency was voted the best insurance agency in Habersham County by the readers of The Northeast Georgian Newspaper. All 3 of them agreed. Just kidding!
It’s great to be the big fish in a small pond.
Latest update on the laptop: it’s not operating as normal but I figured out a way to get online. The fact that I can get online tells me that whatever the problem is, it is minor and should be easy for someone who knows what they’re doing to fix.
I had bizarre dreams last night… dreamed that MJD asked me to come back to him. Ugh. NOT! I also dreamed that my niece Jamie had purple poop… probably because she was wearing a purple dress last night. I don’t know. This is what I get for sleeping with CNN on.
Latest nutrition obsession: milled flax seed. Google it – it’s got major health benefits and it can be mixed into yogurt, smoothies, oatmeal – it can be used for baking. It makes your yogurt have sort of a graham cracker crumb flavor. Really yum!
Dinner last night at church was bbq sandwiches on a bun with baked beans and chips. I ate it. I had unsweetened tea and no dessert, though, and ate a salad to make sure I got my colorful foods in for the day.
Breakfast this morning was steel cut oatmeal with flax seed… drizzled with honey and with a tiny pat of real butter. Followed up with a banana.
No ambien… I think I’m up to either six or seven days without… sleeping great (other than freaky dreams).
My snack is fat free vanilla yogurt with flax seed and fresh blueberries which were – get this candice! - $1.49 for a pint! Last year they were $8 at this time of year. Love my fresh blueberries!
It’s raining harder.
Here’s how I know that I’m feeling better – time flies. It used to be absolute misery for me to sit at a desk all day. I just didn’t feel well enough to be up and about. Lately… I’ll look at the clock and be shocked! I’m not dragging and half dead by the time I leave… or having to leave early from illness and exhaustion. I feel like I’m much more engaged in my work. I’m definitely more clear headed.
This is all great – and it’s all EXACTLY why I made the decision to clean up my diet. Now if that durn scale would just catch up with the effort…
Gonna post this before I lose it. With all the rain we’re having it wouldn’t surprise me if we lost power. Have a great Thursday and find something – or someone – to be thankful for.


Anonymous said...

Hey! So proud to see you getting involved with the Southern Baptist Convention's Disaster Relief! That is an awesome branch of an awesome organization! I posted info about it on Facebook this morning. Most folks don't realize that the SBC's Disaster Relief organization help in the extent that they do ~ mud out, clean out, chain-saw ministry, mobile kitchens, mobile shower units ~ they were a very effective and useful tool in helping New Orleans survive in the first few days after Hurricane Katrina (and they don't just help Southern Baptists). You can go to to see how you can help ~ okay, had to get that plug in there!
I would show empathy towards Austin's injured tailbone, but the last time I tried doing that, someone made fun of me. A bruised tailbone hurts, I know that.
Glad to hear you sounding so upbeat! Love you!

stasha said...

Scott Goodman from church could probably fix your computer problem! I don't know of you know him or not but I can point him out to you on sunday if you want me too! :) Love you!