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My People
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Monday, January 4, 2010

It's Monday again. Already.

It's cold.
"How cold is it?"
It's really cold.
It's so cold I feel like I am frozen to the bone.
It's so cold that my heat ran all night even though I have the thermostat set to 64.
It's so cold that I almost had an accident today because of ice.
I didn't skid on it... I was looking at the pond beside the road because it's starting to freeze.
It's rare for it to be cold enough long enough in Georgia for any body of water to freeze.
They're predicting a snow event on Thursday/Friday and I am ALL FOR IT!
I have my healthy food.
I may pick up a few extra provisions because it's going to be under freezing all the way from Thursday until Sunday so if it's frozen, it's gonna stay that way and I live at the bottom of a hill... a steeeeeeep hill! There will be no going out if there's ice. And there will be no sanding/salting/plowing done in these here parts - at least not the part of these parts where I live.
I slept without ambien last night. Three out of the last four nights I've been ambien free. That's a HUGE accomplishment for me! I've been on it for two years.
I didn't go to sleep as early or sleep as deep but I think I'll get better as I go along.
It's freezing in the office this morning. It will vary between icy and unbearably warm all day. That's how we roll.
I couldn't remember if we had a meeting this morning because D is out of town at the Orange Bowl... and I tripped all over myself to get here in time... and was the only one here. So there you go.
I'm having one of those really clutzy, forgetful, disorganized days. I'm glad my food was all ready for me.
I had a pear and yogurt with walnuts for breakfast.
I'm having the barley shrimp salad for lunch with a few celery sticks stuffed with goat cheese.
Yummy stuff... way better than anything at the Taco Bell.
I'm sure they'll miss me.
My healthy eating is sure to cause an economic impact around here.
Poor Japanese restaurant that doesn't serve miso soup just might go out of business without my patronage.
For sure the Taco Bell will suffer.
I forgot my meds this morning. That is NOT good... I've been having horrible rebound/withdrawal headaches from the ambien anyways... I definitely needed my blood pressure meds because they also work as migraine prevention.
Got to get my hours in - as many as possible - because it's looking almost definite that we'll be iced over at the end of the week.
*crosses fingers, sends up a prayer, kisses lucky charm*
I forgot my rings today. My fingers feel so bare!
Poor folks at Newark yesterday! What a nightmare! But Hero of the New Year nomination for the guy who got musical and broke out his guitar to lead the crowd in "Hey Jude". Have you seen the news clip? It's awesome!
Time to get started!
Happy Monday!


Janis said...

Well, I won't tell you how cold it is up here in MN! :) Good job on them menu planning - that is something I am working on here - to help with eating better and savign money - both goals for 2010!!!
God Bless!

Anonymous said...

You sound refreshingly upbeat : ) Could it be "losing" the Ambien that is responsible for "gaining" something so much better? Yay Heather!!
This will be a good year for you ... I just have that feeling : )