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My People
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Saturday, June 12, 2010

back on the wagon...

I joined Weight Watchers today. As a belated birthday gift, my sister-in-law Angie paid for a month of WW meetings. I trust WW. I know the program. I know it works. I know that the accountability works for me like nothing else does. I'm excited... inspired... motivated. This needs to work.

This meeting is in the choir room of the 1st United Methodist Church, "in town" - as we say around here. It's on the town square. It's approximately a 3 minute drive from my house and quite conceivably a pleasant ten minute walk - once I've lost some weight and can walk again without being miserable.

Can you imagine picking up something that weighs 100 pounds and carrying that with you everywhere you go? That's my life... forcing my short little petite body to carry an extra 100 pounds every minute of my life. Any wonder I'm tired all the time?

The cost of Weight Watchers is approximately $40 a month... money I don't necessarily have in the budget but money I could easily recover by eating balanced, prepared meals instead of eating out. That's literally two trips to the BBQ place for me and Austin... or 4 fast food meals. I think I can make the sacrifice.

I'm determined. And y'all know what happens when I get determined!

Leaving here in a few minutes to pick up my adopted niece, Jorjanne and head to Jim and Angie's for my first Little House on the Prairie book club meeting. I'll take pictures!

Hope you're having a great day!


Missie said...

I wish you lots of luck with WW.

Melissa Huray said...

Congrats on getting back with WW! That must feel really good. I'm looking forward to following your progress : )