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My People
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Sunday, June 13, 2010

long post about Weight Watchers, Little House

And the headache continues. We're past a week with this one. It's still, I'm certain, not a migraine. It's almost a sinus thing- around the eye and behind the eye kind of thing. It keeps jumping sides from the left to the right. It feels, to some degree, like a heat headache. Possibly, it could be blood pressure related, although I woke up with it this morning and I couldn't have been more relaxed. I don't know. I don't like it, though.

Poor goalkeeper for England. Don't you know he's unpopular over there today?

My first day on WW was awesome! I'll post my foods for you guys... for those who aren't interested, just skim over it. A lot of people started reading my blog back when I was hot and heavy on the weight loss and I know they want to know what I do and what results I get.

Sidenote... there's this thing we have to do at work, charting our efforts and results. So far this year my efforts are awesome and my results suck. Same with weight loss. Not sure why I've been so ineffective this year but I aim to figure it out. On both levels.

I weighed exactly the same thing yesterday at Weight Watchers that I weighed on January 1st of this year. Major bummer! I've eaten a lot of healthy stuff - my level of nutrition has greatly improved. But I've also ingested a lot of Dairy Queen treats, bacon biscuits dipped in gravy, pepperidge farm goldfish and other unhealthy things. I need to focus more on the good stuff, let go of the bad stuff, get off my big butt and get this extra person off of my bones. The truth is that you don't see a lot of obese 80 year olds. Fat people die. I'd rather have half the body and twice the life than twice the body and half the life.

Or at least be able to get back into that cute size ten wardrobe that's tucked away in my attic.

According to Weight Watchers I need to lose 100 pounds. ONE HUNDRED. Insane. And sadly true.

So here's what I ate yesterday:
breakfast: coffee with skinny creamer, sliced cucumber, 10 grain hot cereal with 1 tsp of butter and 1 tbsp of brown sugar (which is the perfect combo, by the way!)
lunch: grilled zucchini and yellow squash - sliced and cooked on the George Foreman grill with lemon pepper (I didn't oil the squash but I did put olive oil on a paper towel and wipe down the grill with it)
dinner: (at Jim and Angie's) grilled burger on bun, 1/2 burger with no bun, two grilled tomato slices, skinny mashed potatoes (made with skim milk) (two servings because they were good!), corn on the cob - no butter, about 8 grapes

No snacks! None! I thought... what if I could completely give up eating after dinner? Hmmm...
I need to snack between lunch and dinner... because otherwise I'll make bad dinner choices in my normal daily routine (not when eating with J&A).

It's interesting to me that the fact that someone else spent money on my weight loss efforts makes me feel the need to give it 100% effort. Like... I want to make sure they get their money's worth.

I'm planning to do a lot of fish and veggies cooked on the George, as that's super easy and produce is in abundance. I think this is the perfect time of year to attempt this again. Again. Long days, fresh produce, etc.

So... our book club meeting was really fun. I wasn't sure what to expect of the girls and how it would work but I just let them take the reigns and do what was fun for them. We read a chapter, talked a lot about what life would have been like a hundred and 40 years ago. They drew pictures, did a word search, and then they each picked a character they wanted to be. I braided their hair... we acted out the chapter we read and then they made up other stories for their characters. It was a perfect way for children to understand what they're reading. Once we go to see the musical next Saturday (thanks, Pop!) I think they'll be even more excited. Jorjanne has tickets to go on Thursday so by the time we read the next chapter, they'll all three have a good visual of the Ingalls.

Sidenote - our grocery store around here is Ingles... the girls thought they were the same.

Also... we talked about what clothing the girls would have worn. I told them about pantaloons. Jorjanne kept calling them "pantaloonins"... it cracked me up.

And my little Jamie was so precious with Laura Ingalls braids! I didn't take pictures, though... just played with the girls. I was Ma, Pa, and Jack the bulldog. Go figure.

Plans for today... nest, rest. Every time I move my brain throbs so I'm moving as little as possible and staying out of the heat as much as possible. (Stasha will be mad that I'm not at church because I puurrrrromisssssed... but girl... the pain in my brain is insane!) I have to pick up some groceries and I think I'll do that in the next few minutes while most of the county is in church and before it gets hot.

Tony's are on tv tonight!

Happy Sunday, y'all! Love and hugs!


Melissa Huray said...

Your book club sounds like a lot of fun! What a creative and loving auntie the girls have! I for one, love reading about your food logs and weight loss stuff. I remember back in 2005 when I read you every day... remember the "Mom-pod?" LOL

I have a fitness blog too... please check it out if you get a chance!

slj said...

Good luck on the weight loss program. I certainly know how hard it is..

Anonymous said...

I'll come to the book club the next time you have it! just let me knpow when it'll be! and I'm not mad at you Aunt Heather! I'll be praying for your head to feel better soon! I love you! :)