My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

habit forming

so happy for tuesday...
and i won't have another REAL monday until july 12th since we're off next monday for the 4th
on the 5th
whatever, i'll take it
food wise yesterday, things were awesome
i was severely lacking in motivation with exercise
just a bad case of draggy butts
i did some yoga/pilates type stuff but no cardio
i brought my sneakers and an outfit i can change into to workout on lunch
if i can get up the nerve
or i may just slip on my sneakers and walk a little
just a little
it's going to be cooler tomorrow
we've had a string of miserably hot - more august than june - type temps
it's supposed to cool down for the next few days so i want to take advantage of outside time
spending time with my girlies tomorrow
they're doing gymnastic camp this week
we're going to work on the next chapter in Little House in the Big Woods
it's about winter
we're going to (try to) churn butter
wish me luck
never done it before
it seems easy
i'll catch up on my food list soon... been eating super healthy, no cheats, not one
just haven't wanted to take the time to list it all
today is day 18
they say that if you can do something for 30 days straight, it becomes a habit
so... here's to learning new habits!
happy day, y'all!