My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

feeling groovy

things that made me happy today:
we had a horrible storm... lots of trees down... but my happy little home was perfectly safe
one of austin's favorite people from the youth group has moved into the duplex behind us
austin and his friend walked to walmart today... it's LOOOOONG walk... but such a great teenager thing to do
i exercised as soon as i got home from work... and then it was done
i'm feeling my stamina increasing, that makes me happy
i made *the best* parmesan crusted cod for dinner... just dipped it in egg whites, coated in bread crumbs and parmesan and baked it in my iron skillet with some fresh broccoli
I'm all about roasted veggies and roasted broccoli is the bomb!
no oil... just Pam spray
austin made fruit smoothies for dessert - 2 points - and i stuck mine in the freezer so it was like frozen yogurt
hell's kitchen cracks me up and makes me a little nervous too
my weight is up a little today and that makes me a little nervous too but it doesn't really belong in my list of things that made me happy
no reason for the increase... no unusual food... still under points... so i guess the happy part comes from knowing that i'm doing the right things and knowing that it *WILL* pay off
but still... i want to see at least a pound down on the scale this week... halfway to weigh in
so i'm thinking happy scale moving thoughts...
because i'm happy
dang it
bitty kitty is hilarious... he "owns" everything that belongs to me... he lays on my shoes after i take them off... he sleeps on my pillow... he climbs in my possibility bag... he's all about whatever mommy is doing
and then... this afternoon when i came home from work... i found that he had been dragging one of my bras around the house. nice.
guess i need to set some boundaries.
well... that's my happy day... hope yours was happy too!