My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Thursday, June 3, 2010

random thursday

so tired
feeling like writing an ee cummings post with no punctuation or capitalization
couldn't do that every time because it would drive me - and my readers - nuts
yesterday morning i was sick to my stomach, dizzy, miserable but i thought...
it's a short day, i'll tough it out...
and then one co-worker left with severe back pain
and another rushed to the er with a kidney stone
so i stuck it out
and felt better than i thought i would
but so. so. so. tired
don't imagine either will be back today
so still very shorthanded
makes it so hard to supplement my income
but trusting God
have to capitalize God
tomorrow i'm supposed to visit a high producing agency to learn their secrets of success
i've worked in four agencies full time
filled in as a temp in several more
interviewed and closely observed a dozen more
i need to spend a day watching someone else
honestly, i appreciate the thought behind it
why am i not getting sales
i mean... my own kid bought health insurance from someone else
although, honestly, we couldn't have covered marquee due to some pre-existing stuff
so it was the better choice
do i sound discouraged
tired is more likely
just a bit whiny
or a lot
i need to sleep for twelve hours
without bitty kitty biting my toes
he cant seem to reconcile to the fact that my toes are attached to me
and why is it that i feel so judged when my cats see me naked
they look completely confused
so very sad about the young lady murdered in peru by the same guy who likely murdered natalee holloway
her dad is a state farm agent
hope they finally get that very sick young man locked up
also very sad about the pitcher whose perfect game was stolen from him by a blown call
for both him and the umpire who made the bad call
i know he feels horrible
must finish the glam routine
go pay the power bill
make my way to the office
oh, one more thing
someone i care for very much is making a decision that i fear will haunt her the rest of her life
something irreversible
and there are so many better solutions available
i'm the only one shes told so i know that God
capital G
intends for me to be His voice in this situation
please pray
cody texted me yesterday on his way into the magic kingdom
so very happy for him and quee
love my kids
must dash for real
love y'all