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My People
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Sunday, June 27, 2010

i'm prepared

be prepared... that's my weight loss mantra... i can stay on track, i can stay within my points limit every day if i'm prepared.
i'm soooo prepared for the upcoming week that it's insane!
i'm so organized that i am starting to think that i should be an in-home weight loss chef for a living
if people wanted to pay for that sort of thing
i mean, if they wanted to hire someone with no culinary training for that sort of thing
today is day 16 on plan
i'm feeling like an expert already
i guess it's all those years of experience
austin still doesn't believe that i'm going to do it
that's what he told me yesterday
it hurt my feelings a little bit but... i mean, it's austin and he has no tact filter
my fridge is so full of good stuff that it's like it's not even my kitchen
i've got taboule (wheat salad)
whole wheat pasta salad
a blackeyed pea salad
a zucchini/pear/cabbage slaw made w/greek yogurt
a spicy sandwich spread made with greek yogurt
and hummus
both to go on crisp bread or wraps - austin loves the crispbreads and they're a low point item with a lot of crunch
lowfat spinach wraps
roasted chickpeas for snacking
boiled eggs
fresh fish
turkey veggie - individual meatloaves made in muffin tins - one point each
(these are awesome because they're 1/2 meat, 1/2 veggie and even half wheat in them for added fiber)
yogurts, whole grain hot cereals for breakfast
canteloupe, plums, peaches
fresh corn on the cob, cucumber, tomatoes, avocado, peppers of all colors and heat
goat cheese, roasted garlic, fresh mozzarella
i'm excited about what i have to eat this week, both that it's fresh and tasty - and that it's mostly already ready to eat
fast food in my kitchen
still avoiding chicken, fried foods, sugar, flour and pretty much any starchy things and trying to keep the sodium at a minimum
keeping my grains whole grains
got some nice flavors to add with balsamic vinegar, chili oil, sesame oil, olive oil
lots of spices
i'm just really proud of my efforts in putting together this week's menu

today i went to see grease at the little local theatre. the guy who played danny was the nephew of the lady we went with... and he was really, really good. i was impressed! the costumes made me cringe a bit - lacking a little authenticity for the time period, inappropriate fit and function for dancing, that sort of thing that hits me right between the costuming eyes. but the vocals were good, the enthusiasm was good. it was one of those summer intensive workshops so they only had three weeks to prepare, and all things considered it was a great show.
i would have costumed for free.
or at least given them costume notes.
oh well.

it's late for me. time to settle in for the evening.
can we do a little roll call here? it looks like a lot of people are reading my blog but nobody's really commenting. i'm not nagging... just trying to figure out who belongs to all these odd cities that show up on my tracker. maybe just comment with your name and location? that would make me super happy.

gnight y'all!


lisabug said...


You have inspired me to get my butt in gear and start losing some weight. So proud of you, I think everybody has to come to a point where they lose the weight for good, I think this is your time. Love you and proud of you.

JennBand08 said...

Hi Heather. Greenwich,CT here. but I think it just shows me as USA? WTG on the weight loss. I am trying to plan ahead too, it reallly does help. I even have a lapband and still struggle with weight, or rather.. with losing it! I wish I was as creative as you with foods. Did you ever post that turkey veggie meatloaf recipe? If you did I missed it.

Anonymous said...

Heather, I read daily as always...since the FIRST blog...sorry I am not commenting! But it's Danielle and I am the one showing up San Diego! Now after reading that post I am HUNGRY. I am also dying to try the taboule stuff!

Melissa Huray said...

Melissa, Duluth MN...I always read but don't always comment. My blog currently has ZERO readers..well, one I think it's a good blog so I can't figure it out. Oh well. Hope you have another great week with the weight loss/eating!

stasha said...

hey! This is your neice stasha! You know where i'm from lol! Anyway i love love love hummus! And i love you too!:-) hope too see you soon!