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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Thursday, June 24, 2010

thursday stuff

sometimes i wonder about people's facebook profile's pictures... like, is that the best photo of them, ever? and... is that a joke? because I've got this one guy friend who looks like a porn star from the 70's... creepy...

yesterday i decided to take a few hours off of work and spend some time with austin. he's been with his friend zach most of the summer and the days that he's home - I've been working. i thought it was a good memory making day so...

we went into civilization, bought him some swim trunks for youth camp... we went to see the karate kid (great movie, btw)... we had dinner out - something we have stopped doing... and it was a really nice time.

then he wanted to go back to zach's. so i took him and my house is quiet again.

i usually leave work early on wednesdays anyways... and it was one of those rare days when everyone was at work... i just felt like it was a good day to spend some time with my kid and he really seemed to enjoy himself.

austin bought bitty kitty this dollar store toy - a stick with a string and some feathers. bitty kitty LOVES it... i mean... he is attached to this toy and he loves for us to make it dance so he can chase it. i kept waking up during the night with that durn thing beside me. he wanted to play as soon as I woke up. poor baby.

here's what i ate yesterday:
breakfast: 1 cup watermelon, 1 hardboiled egg
lunch: 1 tray (four mini pizzas) smart ones veggie pizza minis
snack: one small movie popcorn
dinner: ahi tuna, steamed veggies, 2 oz sirloin, 2 slices of honey wheat bread with 2 tsp butter
snack: two reduced fat triscuits with 1 tablespoon hummus, beets

I put together another batch of taboule last night... it's just a good, whole grain salad and it's satisfying. I also made a salad that angie calls, "cowboy caviar"... it's blackeyed peas, canned tomatoes, chopped peppers and onion, cilantro... she uses italian dressing but i just used oil and vinegar and built it into my recipe maker on - you plug in all the ingredients, tell it how many servings it makes and it calculates the points.

I bought some cilantro jalapeno hummus and I'm excited to eat that. My fridge is so full of fresh produce... I'm loving all the colors and flavors.

It's thankful thursday so here are mine for today:
1. weight watchers has been easy (and fun) this time around... feeling like i can go the distance
2. i haven't gotten the exercise train out of the station but its at least loaded and i'm ready to do it
3. abundant fresh produce
4. enough basic cooking skills to be able to feed myself better than any restaurant could
5. making memories with my kid
6. do-overs, restarts, second chances, opportunities
7. lazy summer days for austin
8. kitty cats and their silly toys

time to glam and dash... happy day, y'all!