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My People
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Saturday, June 26, 2010

weigh in, possibilities and still no shift key

i'm too lazy to blog my food for the past two days but trust me... i'm staying within my points and eating really well. good food.
the food i've been eating is so good that i got up this morning and austin had finished up my crispbread and hummus. brat.
yesterday i finally managed to get some activity in during the lunch hour at work... i went to the local college and climbed the bleachers in their covered baseball pavilion
i may have been trespassing, i'm not sure
it wasn't like i had to climb a fence or anything
i made it 5 minutes climbing those bleachers in the 95 degree heat and high humidity
it felt like an hour and i felt like rocky...
it feels good to be able to move
it will take awhile to be up to the length of time i want and the level of intensity i want but i'm moving
last week i had one activity point 4-5 days (can't remember)
my goal this week is two activity points every day
i got my two in today by walking around a cemetary by this old country church...
and then i did fifteen minutes of what i used to call ghetto cardio... a combination of cardio and pilates...
i think i'm going to rename it kuntry kardio with the kitties
literally... bitty kitty cried until i picked him up and held him like a baby while i was marching in place
spoiled brat
i put him down after a few minutes

oh... so the big news today... my second weigh in... i lost 3.4 pounds last week so i wanted to lose at least 1.6 pounds this week to be at an even five pounds loss...
and my weight loss was actually.... drumroll.... 2.8 pounds!!!
so in two weeks i've lost a total of 6.2 pounds... which is huge, considering that i struggled all the way thru the first five and a half months of this year to lose only 4 pounds.
that's what focus can do for you
and no cheats
and moving
and no sugar
and drinking lots of water
and recording every bite that goes into your mouth
i'm so excited, inspired, encouraged...
it feels like the old heather, the one who started this blog in 2005, is back, all the way back.
and just like last time, once i see that i can control my body and my size and my weight
it makes everything else seem possible
i'm totally basking in possibilities
this moves my weight loss schedule up by another two weeks... so that puts me at goal at 11.12.11 - losing one pound a week. if i keep losing more than one pound a week... i could get this done in a year... the faster i get to "lifetime" the less money i have to spend on this process.
i'm financially motivated.

remember hottie heath, that i used to work with?
loved him.
he was such a great friend to me when i was losing weight before... he has a degree in exercise science so he had a lot of good advice
anyways... haven't talked to him in a few months because he left state farm and got a job as a fireman
turned out that wasn't really his thing so he's back with state farm
we chatted last week
i told him that i was oh so very happy being single and had no interest in looking for a beau
and he told me that i was too special to be alone... that i'm "good people" and that it would be a waste for me to be alone
it was sweet
i am good people
and when i keep that perspective... that the diabolical mr d couldn't survive in the aura of my sweetness, pureness and light... it makes me feel like less of a loser
know what i mean?
that whole possibility perspective.
that's it for today... it's been a full and busy day... early bedtime for me
g'night y'all


Julie said...

You are doing fabulous!!! Keep up the good work! Julie