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My People
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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

ten minutes about monday

got ten minutes to do a quick post...
feeling good, feeling strong, feeling like i can keep this up for a long time
that's my marathon, not a sprint
crash diets don't work
lifestyle changes do
i'm feeling like my life has changed
been trying to figure out what's different this time
you know... i have mostly given up chicken
and i'm wondering if the hormones in our plumped up mass marketing poultry industry has been increasing my appetite
because i have not been hungry
haven't had cravings
i needed to get some more points in yesterday so i ate wheat thins and reduced fat cheese
but no munchies
i'm eating mostly beans and fish for my protein and that really seems to work for me
i worry about too much mercury with fish
so i'm trying to eat different kinds of fish
tilapia, sea bass, flounder, shrimp
cheaper than chicken, actually
any other fish suggestions?
i like the term pescatarian - it's like a person who eats veggies and fish
close to the mediterranean diet, which i believe is really healthy
running out of time
but i'm ready to walk out the door, my entire day's menu is packed with my little index card listing what to eat when
i'm very organized
have to have the visual
i obviously don't make good choices at mealtime so i have to plan before mealtime
i even thought ahead thru tonight - going to a jewelry party at angie's after work
and i thought... hmmm... if i'm usually hungry at 7:30... and i'm still there at 7:30... and there are munchy foods... i could get in trouble
so i packed some smart ones veggie pizza minis and a banana for dinner
it felt very progressive.
ok... must hurry... here's what i ate yesterday
breakfast: yogurt and strawberries
lunch: 2/3 cup taboule with chopped tomato over 1 cup of spinach & a boiled egg, asian pear
snack: cheese and wheat thins
dinner: flounder (never had it before but really liked it - grilled on the george foreman grill) with a cup of stir fry broccoli / snow peas / garlic. Used 1 tbsp olive oil and 1/2 tbsp sesame oil for flavor.
good day.
even (hello candice!) doubled my activity time... five minutes on sunday, ten minutes yesterday. today i'm hoping for fifteen minutes - maybe a walk down the bumpity bump road at angie's.

gotta run. love and hugs, y'all


Anonymous said...

Be afraid ~ be very afraid ~ of mercury! Doug is still suffering the devastating effects of mercury poisoning, but his mercury exposure came from dental fillings (despite what the ADA says) and not fish! Due to his food allergies (beef, pork, turkey, eggs, dairy, soy, wheat, etc.), I've been grilling a bit of fish ~ he's still not a huge fan, would rather have it fried ~ lol. He loves fried salmon though, so to try to lighten that up, I'll take a can of salmon (removing the skin and bones), add one egg (one egg every week or so doesn't seem to affect him), 1 large tablespoon flour, and a bit of his unsweetened almond milk. Mix well, and then form into small patties. I "fry" them in a pan on the stove top with Pam cooking spray. They are really good!