My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Thursday, July 8, 2010

and the week goes on...

thursday. for a short week, this one sure has been long.
i didn't exercise yesterday. it was too hot during lunch and by the time i left work i had a blinding migraine.
i didn't even play online much yesterday... and went to bed at 7:30. it really hurt.
but i slept 9 and a half hours and woke up feeling ok this morning.
although, honestly, i could sleep another couple of hours very easily.
got a bad case of the draggy butts.
my computer wasn't working yesterday... i was panicked. you know how i love my laptop!
i took it by a little local store after work and it took five minutes and the guy got it working.
no charge.
i love small towns.
it was an issue with the battery. he said it's common with hp's. he showed me how to fix it.
expecting crazy hot weather today - it was 100 as i came through town. supposed to be hotter today.
thank God for a/c.
my coffee pot is still giving me a hard time. gonna swing thru mcdonalds for some coffee. only coffee.
the cat just ran across me and scratched me up... gonna go fix myself up and get ready for work.