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My People
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Saturday, July 10, 2010

weighing in before the weigh in

It's about half an hour before weigh in. I love weigh in. It's like payday... where I get to see the results of my hard work.
and honestly, it hasn't been THAT hard. but the pay off is still nice.
I think i'll be down around 2 pounds today. My goal is to lose at least one pound a week so I'll be thrilled with a 2 pound loss.
It won't *quite* get me to that gold medal of ten pounds in a month but it's still a very respectable weight loss.
I have never. EVER. been this consistent with a diet. I'm very pleased with that.
today is day 29 and there have been no meltdowns, no crashes, no cravings, no pigouts...
it's just been very dignified and calculated and disciplined and calm... all those things you don't normally associate with my relationship with food.
it's like food and I have learned a new way to interact.
that makes me really happy.
and despite being really drained this week... i feel way better. i was drained because of lack of sleep, not because of lack of nutrition... and honestly... if i hadn't been eating so well, i probably would have crashed and burned and lost time from work.
that's the old way of life for me. there's a new sheriff in town and his name is "healthy". I like him a lot.
i even find myself dealing with stress in a much better way... stress like... you know, an unruly teenager.
last night i had the most delicious meal... broiled salmon with broiled sliced tomatoes... drizzled in olive oil... sprinkled with parmesan... it was incredible! the cost for that meal... around $5. can you imagine? same cost as a big mac and fries and it tasted soooo much better!
today will be lazy day for me after weigh in. i've got black beans in the crockpot. i'll probably clean out the fridge and do some food prep for the week. i'll workout... of course! other than that... naps and internet and tv...
tomorrow will be my day to get out among the 3-d people.
ok... time to glam and dash! wish me luck!


stasha said...

yay! I love the word unruly :) and I will be sad if you're not at church tomorrow! save me a seat! Love you! :)