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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Saturday, July 3, 2010

scale anxiety

weigh in is in an hour and a half and i'm afraid that there's not going to be much to cheer about at the scale.
other than knowing that IF there's no good news at the scale, there's no guilt on my behalf.
i've stayed on plan 100% all week. no cheats.
i've kicked up my activity - doubling my activity points from the week before.
it's day 22.
my scale here at home shows me exactly where i was a week ago.
i've lost inches... 8 inches off the main three measurements in three weeks.
that's pretty remarkable.
my energy level is so different!
my skin is clearer.
i feel better.
i know that EVEN IF the scale hasn't moved this week that I am on the right track.
i just have to stay the course.
hang in there.
keep it up.
all those positive reinforcement mantras.
i know that any time before in the long history of my weight wars, that any time i kicked up activity, the next week on the scale wasn't pretty...
but then the next week was.
i can do this.
i'm gonna be ok.
i'm prepared. i think.
no guilt.
i did what i needed to do.
be back around noon with some results.


Dutch said...

Good Luck with weigh in. I weigh in this morning myself. I used to weigh in on Friday morning but they got rid of our meeting here in town.