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My People
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Friday, July 16, 2010

yeah, baby! it's friday!

Typed up a post before time to go on the clock and forgot to hit save… it’s been just hanging out there.
At any rate… it’s Friday, y’all!
I’m heading into a blissful weekend… not sure exactly what will be bliss but I figure if I approach it that way, surely it will be a self-fulfilling prophecy.
Payday today which, sadly, always depresses me. There’s always that anxiety of whether it will be enough to make it thru to the next.
Thank Heavens my landlord is patient and my daddy helps me out and the kids’ dad has paid child support twice in a row. Never the right amount but still, thankful for something.
Short work day today for me as I’m going to the eye doctor for the first time in … oh… I guess it’s been about five years, maybe more. I have excellent vision coverage… pays for the exam, lenses and $120 toward frames. So I may have some jacked up, government issue looking glasses, but at least I’ll be able to drive at night without fear. And go to movies and plays and actually see what’s going on. I’m excited.
Then last minute Myrtle Beach shopping for Austin. He has to have new flipflops as he ruined his biking to Walmart earlier this week. He really needs a couple of pairs of shorts. He hasn’t wanted to wear shorts all summer because he thinks his legs are too hairy. @@ But he decided he needs them for the beach. And he needs sunscreen. I apparently left ours at the wedding venue after Cody and Marquee’s wedding. He has a few other items on his wish list but I don’t know that I can fulfill those wishes at this time. We’ll see. He still needs spending money.
They leave at 8am tomorrow. Weigh in at 9:45. WW meeting at 10am. Then… nothing on the agenda the rest of the weekend. I would dearly love to go see my friend Joey in a stage performance of Designing Women – all the main characters are played by men in drag and it’s received rave reviews. He plays Charlene and he’s gorgeous! If you want to see photos… google “Designing Women, Onstage Atlanta”. There are many problems with going down there… it’s in Atlanta and the only show with tickets remaining is at 10:30pm which means I would need an escort… and then I’m not really keen on driving home from the city in the middle of the night.
I haven’t seen any significant change in the scale this week which means… there may not be a loss this week. I’ve got my mind set that I will lose 5 pounds a month from here on out. I had a great start… great sprint there… but now I’m in the marathon part and I have to pace myself and be realistic with my expectations so that I don’t get disappointed. A loss of .6 pounds gets me to 10 pounds total and my second 5# star… 1.6 pounds gets me to my first 5%. I’d be happy meeting either of those goals. From here on out… any loss is a happy time. Not gearing for the 2 & 3 pound losses every week. Just… staying the course… and I have. No cheats yet and I’m on day 35!
Exercise yesterday was almost a bust… I had some serious sciatica pain going on… my right hip was so jacked up that I couldn’t sit or stand without cringing but… I thought… skipped it on Wednesday… Today’s agenda is action packed, might have trouble getting anything in… didn’t want to risk going three days in a row with no exercise so I bit the bullet and did it.
It may sound ridiculous but halfway through I ended up with a golf club in my hand… Austin was tormenting the cat with it and I took it away from him and then realized that it made a great prop for some pretend Rockette moves…. Like I had a tophat and cane! And it energized my workout, making up little routines… as if I was performing on stage… I mean, seriously, whatever it takes to keep me up and moving, right? It was great fun.
I’ve had an interesting proposition. A local theatre is doing the stage version of the Rocky Horror show… which I, many moons ago, helped costume and produce. I did a lot of behind the scenes stuff with that show in addition to being the “official lips of the Rocky Horror show” with my lip prints on the audience participation bags. Good times. One of my customers has been cast as Rocky… he told the director that I had a past affiliation with the show and they want me to think about costuming. It’s quite controversial up here in this very conservative part of the world… but it would be so much fun for me! There’s no pay involved… strictly community theatre… so it would be just for the love of theatre, the engagement in my community and for possible networking for clients. I gained a lot of clients working in theatre before and my agency was nowhere near where these people lived so doing theatre in the same community as my agency could be huge. Maybe.
Ryan is preparing for trips to Louisiana, Virginia and Texas in the next month. We’re hoping he may make it back home for a few days too. I miss my kids.So that’s the haps this happy Friday. More later!


Linda said...

I really hope you will decide to work on Little Shop. I'm sure you could give them a lot of good advice, and I also think it would do you a world of good to get back into something that's obviously one of your passions. Go for it! Linda