My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Billy Bob, come home already!

I was determined to do the things I needed to do today. I went to church. I made a trip to the produce stand. I went to babysit Sarabeth and Jamie so their mom could go pick up their dad at the airport.
Man plans and God laughs.
The Kenya Missions team flight itinerary was to go from Nairobi to London, London to Chicago, Chicago to Atlanta. They were delayed leaving Nairobi which made the whole kit and kaboodle off kilter. Instead of arriving Atlanta mid-afternoon today... it will be late this evening. So instead of keeping the girls a few happy hours... making spaghetti for Jim "just the way he likes it"... and being there to greet my bubba when he makes it home... the girls will be tucked in their beds by "sissy" (Jessie - the college age girl who lives with them) and Jim will eat something at the airport, I imagine. Angie is really bummed. It makes me tired just thinking about all the time they've been traveling... and what a huge personal sacrifice it is to go to "deepest, darkest Africa".
I took the girls to Sonic for a milkshake... we listened to "the scary voice" on my Garmin... they just can't get enough of it.
They were excited about daddy coming home so they could hear some more "billy bob" stories. See... instead of boring the kids with "when I was your age" stories... Jim and Angie made up these two characters - Billy Bob and Tabertha - and they tell the girls stories about their childhoods using the Billy Bob and Tabertha characters in place of themselves. In the stories I'm "Billy Sue"... so I have a whole treasure trove of Billy Bob and Billy Sue stories that I share with the girls while we're in the car.
Since they were missing Billy Bob... I told them a few Billy Bob stories this afternoon. Maybe that will hold them for another day.
Funny thing happened at church today... the new youth pastor is Jamie Smith... he and my brother, Jim Gant will be taking the youth on a mission trip to Myrtle Beach - leaving on Saturday (not much turnaround time, huh?). Well... when one of our pastors was explaining to the congregation that they were leaving on Saturday he said, "Jamie Gant will be leading the youth mission trip"... combining both names... and ending up with my niece's name... which made everyone laugh... not because it was impossible, but because it was ENTIRELY possible for my five year old little drama queen to command a mission trip. In the car this afternoon Jamie was talking about it... giggling like crazy... and she decided she was going to be "Minister to the Little People" on the trip.
I can't believe how quickly this weekend went by. Another long work week looms ahead. I'm so grateful for my job... but so desperately in need of a break. Well... I'll get more vacation time next January... guess I'll keep my nose to the grindstone until then. Lord willing.
Gonna go make some taboule... think about dinner... get ready for Big Brother... since my big brother hasn't made it home yet.