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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

terrific tuesday. i hope.

You know what's weird? I weigh exactly what I did a year ago.
My goal - to weigh considerably less by this time next year.
I'm meeting my friend Natalie after work to walk. She's super thin and healthy but also a great encourager for me.
Tomorrow I'm hanging with my hen party girls, I think.
Staying happily busy this week.
Didn't sleep well last night - was up from 3am - 5am and then finally fell back asleep for an hour.
I had a splinter in my foot. Not sure how that happened in MY SLEEP... but... by the time I extracted it, I was awake.
Also had a bit of a sore throat... which is weird... I was sort of hoarse yesterday. Hope this doesn't mean I'm getting sick.
Did I mention my eye doctor visit? I have great vision insurance, praise God for that. The visit and the glasses - and I bought the absolute cheapest frames in the whole place - was $410. I paid $14.
I'm nearsighted. This is not new. I haven't had any glasses for awhile and it's hard to drive at night... hard to see movies... etc. I figured since I'm only wearing my glasses in the dark, they can be ugly.
and... I'm cheap that way. Or... broke that way.
The eye doctor was one of those in tight with the pharmaceutical industry, I could tell. He was pushing eye drops on me, although I only mentioned I have occasional allergy issues. He said that I was risking damage to my eyes by letting them get inflamed. I said, "I never said that my eyes get inflamed..."
Also said that he could tell by the blood vessels in my eyes that my blood pressure had - at times - been out of control.
So... thirty years from now when I'm going blind, we'll blame he who doesn't deserve to be named.
Jerkwad has impacted me in ways that I'll be discovering for years to come, I'm sure.
I forgot to vote this morning in the state primary.
but I remembered my workout clothes and shoes.
Made that edamame salad finally... here's the recipe... I made it up...
2 cups thawed shelled edamame (soybeans)
1 cup canned RINSED black beans (to lower sodium content)
2 cups assorted mixed veggies - I used red onion, purple (red) cabbage, red and orange peppers - but I think corn would also be good in this
1/4 olive oil
1/4 cup red wine vinegar
1/4 cup chopped cilantro
Mix together and... that's it. It worked out to about 2 weight watcher points per 1/2 cup serving.
I put mine in a pita pocket for lunch.
I fancy myself to be quite the salad chef. Chop and mix... those are my strong suits.
That edamame salad was really pretty ... lots of deep colors with the purples and black beans and bright green edamame.
Our focus in WW this week is in eating colors... easy for me because I always focus on that.
For breakfast I had whole wheat rotini with the homemade marinara sauce I made on Sunday.

Maybe not a traditional breakfast but... that's the way I work.
So that's a red and orange. (and a whole grain)
Lunch will include red, orange, green, purple, black in the salad. Also having fresh mozzarella with roasted red pepper... more red... and then an orange on the side.
Snack is green grapes.
Dinner is undecided. I thawed a piece of tilapia. All of my fish is individually wrapped in the freezer so I can just pull one out a day.
I broiled an orange roughy filet last night - my first - and was really surprised at how buttery it tastes. I didn't put any oil on it... just some seasoning. I was afraid I wouldn't like it because it smelled stronger than tilapia... but it was very good.
I think it's time to retire the Keurig k-cup coffee maker. It just won't work with my individual coffee baskets any more and I *REFUSE* to buy the expensive prepackaged ones.
Austin said, "that's just one more thing HE brought into the house that we can get rid of"
I think the last things to go will be my big tv in my bedroom and... I guess that's it.
Oh... the Wii. Which... has spent the summer at Austin's friend's house.
No word from Austin yet but I did get a text from Stasha.
Remember how I had prodded the girls to remind Austin about sunscreen? Well... they get to CHURCH and Jamie goes to Auggie and says, "are you wearing sunscreen?" At church. I should have been more specific. forget how literal they are.
Ok... time to get this work day started.
Happy, happy, joy, joy.
Love and hugs.