My People

My People
My People - Cosette, Austin, Oliver, Cody, me & Ryan. Just think, had I not lived, these people wouldn't be on the planet. They are my whole heart!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

weighing in

weighing in... as opposed to "weigh in"...
just some thoughts on my progress and process so far
i am simply, one hundred percent, loving this journey
loving it
i love good food
i love eating well
i love eating without guilt
i love doing things that make me feel better and improve my quality of life
i am so blessed to have two sisters-in-law (or one sister-in-law and one sister-out-law) who are so incredibly supportive and encourage me daily to eat right, believe in myself, do the things that i think i can't do
there's rarely a day that goes by that i don't hear from either angie or candice either by phone or email and it makes a huge, huge difference for me.
my sister-friends
i kept trying to put my finger on *what's different this time* and the difference is simply that i believe i can
i believe i have all the tools i need for success
i believe i am able to do this
partly, because i have done it before
partly because i know myself better than i ever have,
i have more freedom to focus on myself and my health more than i ever had
no little kids or husband to worry about
i fix what i want
i answer to no one but myself and God
i love what i'm eating, i love preparing food, i love tracking what i eat
i don't quite love exercise yet but i'm learning to love it again
my abs are sore today, that's a very good sign!
who knew i even had abs?
i danced for my activity time yesterday... danced!
i turned my satellite to hip hop music and tried to focus on the music and ignore the lyrics and danced like a back-up dancer for brittney spears.
i was working it.
i danced LITERALLY like no one was watching
cuz no one was - except the cats - and they're sorta frightened when i exercise but they've learned that at the end i will be on the floor stretching (collapsing) and they can get "yubs" (loves - that what we call it when mommy pets the kitty cats)
yesterday's tiny loss was a fluke, i'm convinced, just an extra bit of water weight or "bubbles" or whatever because today, i'm already a pound less than i was
my goal this week is huge - i want to hit ten pounds this week - which means i need to lose 3.2 pounds
i'm going to aim for the moon, because even if i miss, i'll land in the stars
the thing is... if i really push myself... really stay focused, not on the food so much as the activity
because i've got the food thing down pat
if i'm focused on a goal that is so large that i know i have to work hard to reach it, i'll work harder
ten pounds in a month, i think that's reasonable for someone who is working hard and has a lot to lose
it's entirely doable
so that's where i am today.
happy independence day, y'all! be free!


Fanchy said...

I like the play on words in your title. Keep your finger on that button of change and maybe pass some my way!

Anonymous said...

Go, girl!! I KNOW you will do it!!

~Patty (from California)

Missie said...

Hope you're having a great 4th of July!