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My People
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Friday, July 2, 2010

things I meant to blog about but forgot

as i was driving home from work yesterday i was thinking of all these topics i wanted to blog about... and then i came home, got in my two point workout (which is the most time i've done yet!) and completely forgot everything that had seemed to be blogworthy earlier.

maybe it will come to me later...

yesterday - all week really - at work was busier than usual for me. the time around holidays in our industry is either feast or famine. we're either completely dead or completely frazzled. it's been a frazzled kind of week. i'm tired and oh so ready for a three day weekend. but first... today... i'm putting together a farm quote which is the biggest pain in the tukas of anything we do because i'm such a suburb sally and don't know much about farms and because our farm quoting system is antiquated and frustrating. if i can come up with a good quote for this guy, i'll land five policies because he'll bring all of his business... otherwise... zip.

we have a client who has poorly controlled diabetes that has ravaged his body. he has lost most of his fingers and... yesterday, while making a payment he announced that his toe had recently fallen off. he said, "i was in the tub and i thought there was a bug on my toe so i flicked it ... and the durn thing came completely off!" fortunately, i wasn't the one helping him because i gagged... and nearly threw up. i was nauseated the rest of the day.

and this morning... i have a little headache but i'm gonna be ok. in just over ten hours i'll be heading home, Lord willing.

i haven't seen much change on the scale this week so i'm nervous about weigh in tomorrow. gotta go put my food together for the day... hope you have a great friday and a fabulous fourth!


Julie said...

I feel sorry for that poor guy. I can't imagine.. Beyond Gross.