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My People
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Saturday, July 24, 2010

weigh in and a fabulous farm visit

I lost 1lb this week for a total six week weight loss of 10.6lbs! I'm so happy! I got my 2nd 5lb star! And this is what I ate to celebrate... flax bread with 1 sliced orange tomato, fresh basil, fresh mozzarella, olive oil, salt and pepper... sooooo good!

This is where I got my basil... LoganBerry Heritage Farm, north of Cleveland. Can you believe I live in a place that's so beautiful? And that I'm lucky enough to shop at sweet little farm markets? Here's the view from the farm...

Some of the farm treasures... I bought pattypan squash yesterday so I didn't buy any here... but aren't they cool looking? I think they look like spaceships. I cook them just like any squash...
The very best thing about LoganBerry farms was the fresh herbs. See how they have just one little sprig of each set out? I thought... at first... this must mean they don't have much inventory. What I found out... when I started filling my basket... was that they only cut what they need... so when I took the last of the basil, they walked over the the garden to get a new bunch to replace what I had taken. That's about as fresh as it comes, people!

They sell fresh organic veggies and herbs... free range chicken that they butcher themselves... homemade goodies such as jalapeno jelly, chicken salad and such and the fun part is that they have samples set out for you to try....
What I love about living here is that anywhere I go, I run into s0meone I know. This is one of my clients, Philip. He works at the farm. He greeted me with an enthusiastic hug and helped me find exactly what I was looking for. I bought two kinds of fresh basil, catnip, oregano and a long asian cucumber. My total was $9.27. They have an "herb of the week" and have handouts about the herb and what it's good for... how to use it... it was really informative and I just love that type of holistic stuff.
This shows the view from under the little porch where the market is located. Fresh air, bright sunshine, locally grown, organic, fresh produce and herbs... makes a girl very happy. They had some pesto - basil, olive oil, pine nuts, parmesan - it was so good that I squealed after I took a bite! It was $6 for a little tub, though, so I held off on that one for now... but it was the best thing I've eaten in a very long time.

This nice lady gives cooking demonstrations. Today she was doing chard and fried okra. I abstained from both due to the calorie content but they smelled awesome.

I'm about to head out to the bakery to pick up some cheese bread and deli meat for Austin. Loving my little corner of the sky right now!


Nancy said...

That looks like such a wonderful farm stand... what a blessing for you to enjoy! Congrats on the weight loss... keep up the great work! :-)

Unknown said...

Way to Go on the weight loss!!! Looks like you've found your groove. Keep up the great work!

slj said...

Congrats on the great weight loss.
I'm getting alot of inspiration to get my butt in gear and lose the pounds that are making me uncomfortable..
Thanks for the insight.